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Posted on Thu, May 30, 2013


Keurig Kcup Staff Picks

Think about the last book you read or movie you watched.  I am willing to bet that a friend or family member tipped you off. How many times have you been at a social event and been told about a great restaurant, with amazing food? The point is, word of mouth is a powerful tool in your decision-making process, how else would you narrow down the massive choices we have for entertainment or food in this land of plenty?

Think of Cross Country Cafe as your Kcup coffee friends and family : ) We are here to offer you our real life opinions and share our favorites.  You will hear from our president to our summer interns and everyone in between!

Lets give a warm welcome to:

Keith S. ~ Head Honcho #1

Keith S Head Honcho Cross Country Cafe

“My favorite Kcup is Golden French Toast. 

A fond memory of mine is having french toast every Saturday morning with my brother. (I think we ate a whole loaf every time!) I do not eat that much french toast anymore, BUT with Green Mountain’s help I can drink a cup of their French Toast blend every morning. It brings back all of the great memories of being a kid on weekends with my family. I love the ease of my Keurig, but the flavor of french toast really makes my day!”

Sounds like Keith and I have something in common- Golden French Toast is by far my favorite Kcup as well, unfortunately it is a seasonal flavor and is only around for a few months each year.

Up next we have…

Jacob S.~ Summer Intern Virtuoso

Jacob S. Summer Intern Vituoso copy

“My favorite Kcup is Sumatran Reserve.

I used to love hunting wild game in Sumatra, thus the Sumatran Reserve makes for a happy marriage with my morning schmorgasboard. The rush of being chased by a pack of hungry wild tigers is emulated perfectly through this brew.  Only a true coffee drinker can enjoy this great coffee to its fullest.”

Wait, What?!

I do know that Jake does enjoy Sumatran Reserve since he happens to be my step son and we have plenty of it our cupboard however, as far as I know he has been away at college, not hunting wild life in Sumatra! Although, I am quite sure that most of his story (ok all of it) is not exactly true, he did do an excellent job of portraying the character of Sumatran Reserve Keurig Kcup coffee. Thank you to Jacob’s creative writing professor, if you are reading this, you have done an excellent job!

I would like to encourage you to share your favorites Kcups in out comments section.  Lets help each other out in our quest to find that one perfect Kcup or simply expand our Kcup coffee horizons!

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