Where to Find the Best Variety of Keurig Kcup Coffee

Posted on Thu, May 09, 2013

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Ask anybody what the best feature of using a Keurig Kcup brewer is and you are bound to hear variety as a very popular answer. The entire premise of this single serve system is that everyone in your household or office gets THEIR perfect cup of coffee or tea (in under 60 seconds of course!).

On top of that you can suit your personal taste preferences throughout the day. For example right now I enjoy 2 cups of Golden French Toast every morning,Green Tea with Pomegranate throughout the day and a Sumatran Reserve in the afternoon. In addition I have the privilege of trying a new Kcup every week for ourFriday coffee reviews. I love having access to a HUGE variety of Keurig Kcups and teas (it’s who you know, right?)!

Here I am relishing in the variety, trying different coffee flavors and roasts constantly yet,  I hear complaints from friend, relatives and readers. They are purchasing their Kcups at retail and grocery stores and can not find their favorite Kcups or the selection they are presented with is poor.  Why?

I spent some time pondering this and while perusing the aisles of Target this weekend it dawned on me- shelf space.  If you have ever worked in retail you know that shelf space is a very valuable piece of real estate. The problem is, Kcups take up a tremendous amount of this hot commodity.  Retailers have tried to combat this problem by selling a smaller Kcup box (12 or 18 count) to try to cram as many different Kcups into the small amount of space they have.

Kcups for sale in retail store

With over 150 different coffees, teas and specialty beverages available it is impossible to provide a decent selection with limited display space. Therefore, retailers will choose what they perceive as the most marketable coffees but, what if that does not include your favorite.  None of my daily Kcups were available at any of the retailers I visited recently.

Dont worry though, we have a solution!  Online retailers.  There are no shelf space issues, no perceived best sellers, no smaller boxes, no pressure from manufacturers to be placed at eye level, nothing but a warehouse full of a massive selection of Keurig Kcup coffee, purchased in bulk, with minimal handling to keep costs down.

Just compare this small portion of our warehouse to a retail shelf:

Huge inventory of Keurig Kcups


huge inventory of kcup coffee


huge inventory of keurig kcup coffee 2

 It is abundantly clear to me now, I don’t know why the answer did not dawn on me sooner because it is quite honestly common sense.

You will always find the best variety of Keurig Kcup coffee  with an online distributor, period.

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