Coffee Recipe- Keurig K-cup Ice Cubes

Posted on Mon, Apr 22, 2013

describe the imageIf you have been around awhile you have come to know (and hopefully love) our Monday K-
 coffee recipes.  I love fun, easy to make coffee drinks. They are a simple indulgence that can usually be made with ingredients already in your kitchen. There will be no running to the local coffee shop around here, no sir, we have Keurig’s in our kitchen that make these recipes easy peasy.

Up this week…Keurig Kcup Ice Cubes

Spring has sprung in my neck of the woods, we actually hit 80 degrees last week- whoo hoo! Never mind the fact that it snowed the next day, lets concentrate on the positive : ) In my world warm weather means one very important thing- it is time for iced coffee! Oh refreshing beverage sent from heaven,  how I have missed you.  There is nothing better than sipping Keurig Kcup coffee, brewed over a ton of ice, in my favorite double walled Tervis cup.

You may have seen the “special” brew over ice Keurig Kcups in stores, they are great but, I don’t waste my time…I use whatever Kcup I happen to have in my cupboard. Here is my dilemma, if I only have a lighter roast  the iced coffee tastes water down. What’s a girl to do?

I found the perfect solution to my issue from…you guessed it…Ellen. I recently caught an episode that featured kitchen tips. One of the tips was to make wine ice cubes to add to your vino without ruining the integrity. EUREKA the light bulb went on…coffee ice cubes!

You will need:

how to make Keurig Kcup coffee ice cubes

Keurig Kcup coffees, any flavor, any roast

1 ice cube tray

1 measuring cup

Brew the Keurig Kcup coffee on the lowest water setting of your brewer directly into the measuring cup. Pour the brewed coffee into the ice cube tray. Two Kcups will fill one tray. Place in freezer overnight.

To make non-watered down iced coffee- fill a glass completely with the coffee ice cubes. Brew your favorite Kcup coffee on the lowest water setting directly over the ice. Add cream and/or sugar to taste and enjoy!

Coffee ice cubes also taste great in a glass of milk!

Being a fanatic about zero waste in my kitchen, I am happy to have this alternative to use left over coffee (although with my Keurig that seldom happens), as well as better tasting iced coffee.  I am excited to start working on additional alternatives (such as creamy ice cubes) to enjoy my favorite beverage in even more ways and of course I will share!

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