First Date: Coffee or Cocktails?

Posted on Thu, Jul 18, 2013

The hard part is over, you finally worked up the courage to ask for a date, great job!  But, now what?  What is the best place to go for your first get together?There are two options that come to mind right away; cocktails or coffee.  Which should you choose?

There are pros and cons to both, let’s sort it all out…

(Keep in mind, I am the absolute last person you should take dating advice from but, this question was recently posed to me and I thought it would be a fun topic of discussion!)

first date coffee


- You are more likely to maintain a clear head.  You probably wont go into a coffee drunken stupor and say or do things that you may regret on the morning.

- Coffee is a cheap date!  Why spend bookoo bucks when $20.00 will go a long way on coffee and a pastry?

- Observing your potential mates ordering method is an excellent tool in judging their character.  Do you really want to pursue a courtship with someone who requests a non-fat, half-caff, vanilla, almond, soy mochiatto with an extra shot of espresso?

- The amount of time spent on a coffee date is easily adjusted.  If you are enjoying the company of said first date, you can easily ask if they would like more coffee or even move on to dinner.  On the other hand chugging your latte is always an option in an emergency situation.

- I have never heard the term espresso goggles so you can rest assured that your perceptions are clear.

- The quiet environment of a coffee shop bodes well for conversation.

- Coffee dates are generally casual, if you prefer a little more formality I suppose this should move to the con list.

- Coffee turns your brain on, you will be alert and attentive.


- Slightly boring and a bit old school for the younger dating crowd.

- Nervous jitters x caffeine = extremo nervous jitters.

- Coffee breath.

- Is this a date or are we friends? This line is not clearly defined with a coffee shop meet up.

- The quiet environment can amplify lulls in conversation.

cocktails for a first date


- Liquid courage! We are all a little more brave with a drink or two under our belt.

- Helps to alleviate awkwardness.  I suppose this falls under the liquid courage category as well.

- Conversation flows more easily.

-You are more open to consider someone you may have crossed off the list right away otherwise. This point could appear on the con list as well.

- Generally cocktails are served in a fun, upbeat environment.

- With a louder environment conversation breaks are more acceptable.


- Sloppiness in what you say and your actions.  I don’t mean the obvious fall flat on your face drunk, even with just a few drinks you may not put your best foot forward.

- You may become a bit too touchy feely and send your date running for the door.

- The loud environment does not bode well for conversation.

- A cocktail rendezvous tends to be costly.

What do you think…coffee or cocktails?  Which makes a better first date?

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