Keurig Kcup Coffee Review- Island Coconut

Posted on Fri, Jul 19, 2013

Back by popular demand- Friday Kcup reviews! Every Friday at Cross Country Cafe we host a flavor review.  Let’s face it the selection of K-cups we have to choose from is huge,  how do you pick the right one?  Who wants to buy an entire box and not like it?! Our goal is to describe how the coffee or tea tastes in simple layman’s terms so that you can determine if it suits your preferences. Let’s get to the review, up this week…Island Coconut.

Island Coconut Keurig Kcup coffee

Island Coconut is a flavored, light roast coffee brought to us by the ultimate Kcup authorities, Green Mountain. In addition to being a seasonal limited edition Kcup coffee, this baby is Fair Trade certified.

As many of you know Green Mountain likes to tease us with a few of their best flavors at certain times of the year.  Island Coconut is only available in the summer months, leaving us wanting more every fall.

I was apprehensive about this coffee because it is a light roast and although there was quite a bit of translucency in the mug, it was far darker than I expected.

Island Coconut Keurig Kcup coffee in mug

From the second I hit brew a very strong smell of coconut was in the air.  As well as with the first sip.  This is one of those flavored coffees that is a bit more about the flavor than the coffee- perfect for those of you looking for a delicious afternoon treat!

I added a dash of cream thinking that milk would enhance the taste of the coconut even more and I was right on the money!

Island Coconut Keurig Kcup Coffee in mug with cream

If you are a lover of flavored coffee this is a dream come true for you.  I would also recommend this coffee to light roast drinkers.  I am on the fence when it come to fans of a medium roast coffee- this may or may not work for you.  All of my dark roast people, this is not the Kcup for you.

Have you tried any of the Green Mountain seasonal coffees?  Which is your favorite?

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