Keurig K-cup Coffee Review- Half Caff

Posted on Fri, Apr 19, 2013

Back by popular demand- Friday Kcup reviews!

Every Friday at Cross Country Cafe we host a flavor review.  Let’s face it the selection of K-cups we have to choose from is huge,  how do you pick the right one?  Who wants to buy an entire box and not like it?! Our goal is to describe how the coffee or tea tastes in simple layman’s terms so that you can determine if it suits your preferences.

Let’s get to the review, up this week…Half Caff.

Green Mountain Half Caff Keurig Kcup coffee


Green Mountain Half Caff is a medium roast Kcup coffee that has, exactly as the name says, half the caffeine. This is a blend consisting of Central American regular and Colombian decaf coffees.

My favorite time of the week is Saturday mornings when I get to relax and savor my Golden French Toast Kcup coffee for as long as I want.  I always have two cups and sometimes linger on my porch with my mug for over an hour!  I never want it to end and wish I could go for cup number three but I know the caffeine would put me into a tail spin.  It is not until this very moment that it dawned on me…Half Caff is my new cup number three!

I brewed my first ever Half Caff Kcup on the middle water setting of my Keurig brewer.  The aroma was that of a donut shop coffee, nothing fancy just good old-fashioned java. Half Caff appears somewhat translucent in the mug but, it is minimal.

Green Mountain Half Caff Keurig Kcup coffee in mugI added cream and a pleasant suede brown color appeared.

Green Mountain Half Caff Keurig Kcup coffee with creamThe very few decaf coffees that I have ever tried left me disappointed.  They always seem watered down, acidic and not at all satisfying.  I have to be honest with you,  I was quite sure that Half Caff was going to fall into that category as well and my cup number tree dreams would be squelched.

Boy was I wrong!

There is still a slight acidity but it is some how pleasant.  The body is light but still managed to leave me satisfied.  I tasted the Colombian characteristics right away and would probably not be able to tell this apart from Colombian Fair Trade Select. The medium roast description is accurate.

I would recommend this coffee to decaf, light and medium roast coffee drinkers. Dark roast, extra bold fans- this is not the Kcup for you.

This is my Dad’s favorite Kcup, he buys it by the case.  I have always scoffed and thought I don’t know why he doesn’t drink “the real thing”.  I messaged him today to say that I wish I would have tried this Kcup sooner…father knows best as usual!

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