10 Ways Save Money on Keurig K-cup Coffee

Posted on Thu, Apr 11, 2013

save money on keurig kcup coffeeLet’s face it, Keurig Kcups are not the cheapest alternative to coffee drinking. I use the word cheap on purpose because I truly believe there is a difference between being cheap and spending mind fully.

Yes there are cheaper coffees available but, are you going to enjoy them? Will they be freshly brewed in under a minute with the push of a button? Will you and every member of your family be able to choose their favorite roast or flavor? Will you be able to create the perfect cup with just the right amount of coffee and water? Will there be zero mess and cleanup?

The answer to ALL of these questions is a big fat no.

If you choose to spend your money mind fully as I do, you will enjoy all of these benefits, you wont waste coffee trying to make it just right and you will have absolutely no need to run to your local coffee shop.  You will get more bang for your buck and not waste time and energy trying to make cheap coffee taste decent.

I know what you are thinking… “That’s all well and good but, I still need to save money on Keurig Kcup coffee one way or another.”

I have a few suggestions.

1) Shop the value priced Kcup coffee line.

With the growing amount of competition in the Kcup market more and more value priced Kcups are popping up.  These sorts of alternatives are always great for the consumer but, be very careful, there are several renegades out there producing garbage coffee in sub par packaging that will ruin your Keurig brewer. 

To be sure that you are purchasing a high quality product that will work properly in your Keurig brewer (and not to mention wont void your warranty) look for the Keurig seal:

keurig seal

The value priced Keurig Kcups that we recommend are Diedrich and Twinnings. Both are reputable companies with the Keurig seal of approval.  In general these Kcups can be purchased for up to 20 percent less than other brands!

2) Use Kcup teas more than once.  Most tea drinkers use their tea bags several times.  One use simply does not take all of the flavor out of a tea bag.  The same applies to Kcup teas.  The number of uses depends on your taste preference.  I generally use my tea Kcups 2-3 times in a row filling my HUGE stainless steel thermos that I love oh so much.  This gives me enough to sip throughout the entire day using only 1 lonely little Kcup!

reuse kcup tea

3) Purchase clearance Kcups. We always have at least one Kcup on clearance. Kcups are placed on clearance for a variety of reasons ranging from stock rotation, over stocking or simply because we want to offer you a great price! It is always a good idea to stock up if your favorite flavor goes on clearance.

4) Shop sales.  We recommend sticking with one company and following their sale pattern (preferably us of course).  If you jump around you may miss you favorites and not reap the full rewards of the program.  Perhaps the most famous Kcup sale of all (at least we think so) is the Wacky Wednesday Coffee Sale. Every week we will highlight one or two K-cups at a deep discount. The unique part of this program is every single Kcup participates.  This is not a closeout sale or a stock rotation.  You are guaranteed to see your choice of Kcup in the lineup.

In addition to the Wacky Wednesday sale we host a weekend discount as well.  Again, every Kcup will make an appearance at one time or another giving you yet another opportunity to stock up.

5) Consider shipping. Yes, shopping online is ultra convenient and for many (including me) the preferred method.  I avoid going to stores as much as possible. Not only do I avoid the hassle and save time, I think that simply not setting foot in the store saves me money by avoiding impulse purchases.

When it comes to Kcup coffees retail is ALWAYS going to be priced higher than ordering online unless, there is a special sale or coupon and even then you will usually pay more.  But, who wants to pay a fortune for shipping?  Not me, that’s for darn sure.

Look for companies that offer flat rate shipping or free shipping on a certain order size.

6) Price Kcups per cup not by the box.  You may have noticed that Kcups are available in a variety of box sizes ranging from 12 Kcups all the way up to 24. This can make price comparison tricky.  For example, most shoppers seem to believe that Walmart or Target have fairly low pricing on Kcup coffees. That seems to be true at first glance until you notice that their boxes only have 18 Kcups in them.  Always, always, always buy a box of 24 to ensure that you are getting the best price per cup.

24 kcups per box

7) Use price guarantees. Few companies are brave enough to promise to beat any and all competitor pricing but, there are a couple that have stepped up to the plate (we are one of them).  Always deal with a company that offers a best price guarantee, take the guess-work out of shopping Kcups, get the lowest price currently available, period.

8) Participate in giveaways.  First and foremost you can find several Kcup contest and giveaways on Facebook. We alone have given away thousands of Kcups through our Saturday trivia contest.  Participants are eligible to win a 30 ct variety pack of Kcup coffees every Saturday by simple answering a trivia question related to coffee.

In addition to Facebook did you know that there are several popular blogs and comparison shopping sites that host Kcup giveaways?  These are a little bit more difficult to find but, dont worry we will find them for you! We are constantly scouring the internet looking for legitimate opportunities for you to win free Kcups.  We will share them with you every week via our social media outlets such as Twitterand Pinterest.

9) Ask for samples.  Dont be shy.

10) Find out what offers are available from your favorite Kcup distributor. For example- if you sign up for notifications from us we send you a coupon to be used on your next Kcup purchase. If you havent already done that, why not? Save a little money and be informed.

I want to help you to save money on Keurig Kcups but I want to remind you that coffee is one of lifes simple pleasures. Enjoy it.  Spend mind fully on something that you truly love.


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