Keurig K-cup Coffee Review- Double Black Diamond

Posted on Fri, Mar 01, 2013

Let’s get to the review, up this week…Double Black Diamond.Double Black Diamond Keurig Kcup coffee

Double Black Diamond is a dark roast, extra bold Keurig Kcup coffee. Dark roast is a true understatement, this is the darkest of the dark, add extra bold to boot and you have got one heck of a coffee!  I brewed mine on the highest water setting of the Keurig brewer knowing that this Kcup can certainly stand up to the extra water without a problem.

One important feature I always pay attention to when brewing my coffee’s for review is the smell.  The best way to describe the aroma is walking into a coffee shop.   That amazing coffee smell when you first step foot into a quality coffee-house.

The thickness of this coffee is second to none. There was absolutely no translucency, good luck seeing the bottom of your mug- that just simply is not going to happen! I added a dash of cream, which produced a beautiful dark, rich brown color.

I know what you are thinking- it is going to taste burnt like a certain type of coffee that rhymes with Blarbucks.  I thought the same thing but, I was pleasantly surprised to find that although it was there it was very minimal and even less so when I added the cream.  The overwhelming flavor was that of toast. The flavor lingers for quite some time in between sips (I am sure there is a fancy schmancy name for that but a professional coffee critic, I am not!). This coffee is thick bodied and dark, dark, dark!

I would definitely recommend Double Black Diamond to any dark roast drinker or a medium roast drinker that is ready to take the plunge to the dark side.  Light roast or flavored drinkers, sorry this one just isn’t for you. DBD would be a great Kcup to use in any coffee recipes or over ice!

Are there any Double Black Diamond drinkers out there? I would love to hear how you would describe this unique Keurig Kcup coffee.

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