Posted on Thu, Aug 01, 2013

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Who loves coffee more than college students? Um…pretty much no one.  This generation has high standards when it comes to their morning brew.  What do you expect, they have grown up with a Starbucks on every corner and gourmet coffee in their homes. Very few have witnessed their parents make instant coffee in the microwave (yuck) as I have. Finding them the perfect “off to college” gift has never been easier, a Keurig is on every college students wish list.

Not only will the college student in your life be eternally grateful to have a Keurig in their dorm room, you can rest easy that you have made a wise buying decision for many reasons:         

  • Junior will not be tempted to stop at the campus coffee shop on the way to class and blow $3-$4 of his or her limited budget.  I can completely attest to this, many years ago I worked at a college coffee shop and was amazed at the amount of money these students were spending everyday!
  • If there is not a kitchen or access to coffee near your students dorm, with limited transportation getting to a store may be near impossible leaving them coffee-less.
  • A Keurig is simply essential for all nighters!
  • They can brew a cup to go and be out the door in under a minute. Assuring that they make it to class on time (hopefully).
  • A Keurig minus Kcup coffee serves as an instant hot water dispenser, creating a dual purpose.  Your son or daughter can prepare instant oatmeal and ramen noodles with their coffee brewer.
Now the nitty-gritty, which one to buy. Your instincts are going to tell you to buy the B31 Mini.  This unit is heavily marketed to college students and comes in a variety of beautiful colors.  I did have one of these units and loved it but, there are drawbacks.
  • The Mini does not have a water reservoir.  That means it has to be filed with water every time you use it.  The chances of your students dorm room having a sink are between slim and none.  They are not going to enjoy running to the nearest sink every time they want a cup of coffee, who would? This concept completely destroys the convenience factor of the Keurig.
  • The Mini is not UL approved for a commercial setting.  Some dorms will not allow things such as toasters, coffee makers and microwaves for fear of a fire.
  • A travel mug will not fit under the brew spout of this brewer, eliminating on the go coffee.

To get the most for you hard-earned dollars we recommend the B145 Keurig brewer (now called the K145).  This unit is  commercial grade and UL approved. The B/K145 is sleek and stylish built with a heavy grade plastic and chrome accents.  It is not much larger than the Mini and the best part is you get more bang for your buck.The K145 is generally only priced $10-$20 higher than Mini units and significantly lower than Keurig’s that you see for sale in retail stores. To read an in-depth comparison click here. A better brewer for less money?  Yep. Get this, it also comes with a 12 count variety pack of Kcups!

It is clear that purchasing a Keurig for the college bound makes sense but, will they like it?  Two words- heck yes. Take a look at these Twitter messages from actual college students:

“The fact that we have a Keurig for our dorm room makes me feel completely prepared for college now”

“Shout out to my parents for buying me a keurig for college!!”

“I’m just gonna take the keurig to college with me and hope mom doesn’t notice.”

“Now that my dorm room will have a keurig, I know I have a chance at surviving college”

“My parents think I can wait until college to use my keurig….HAHAHAHAH I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MACHINE FOR LIKE 3 YEARS COME TO ME BABY”

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