Holiday Gifts for the K-cup Coffee Lover in Your Life

Posted on Thu, Dec 06, 2012

Can you believe it is already December?  Time is flying, before we know it, the holidays will be here.  It is time to start our hunt of thoughtful gifts for our family and friends!  Cross Country Cafe is here to help.  Through the last-minute in December we will be running this new series of posts sharing great coffee lover gifts and where to buy them… could we make it any easier for you?!


This week,  I thought I would keep it simple.  I have a gift idea that is prompted by the question we are receiving each and every day…”Which Keurig Kcup brewer should I purchase to give as a gift?”. Without fail our answer is always the Keurig B145 Kcup brewer.

Keurig B145 Kcup Coffee Brewer

There are several reasons that we recommend this brewer.  Besides the fact that is sleek and stylish : )

1- The Keurig B145 Kcup coffee brewer is commercial grade.  It is UL approved for use in a business setting and made from sturdier materials designed to hold up to high use.  If you are a heavy coffee drinker and plan to use and abuse your brewer,  this is the one for you… go ahead bring it on,  this tough piece of machinery can take it!

2-When you purchase this unit you will receive a free variety pack of Keurig Kcups!  Makes this perfect gift even perfect er (just kidding),  it does make a complete coffee gift package ready to be enjoyed by the lucky recipient.

3-The B145 offers 3 brew sizes- basically small, medium and large.  A wonderful feature that puts you in control of the strength of your coffee.

4-The moderate price.  The Keurig B145 is currently listed around $139.99.  That is actually lower that most of the home units available in retail stores.  With this unit you get more bang for your buck!

Just a word of caution, most retail stores do not offer the B145 mainly because they are marketing to a home audience rather than commercial based.  The best place to purchase this unit is from an online or local Keurig distributor.  If you need help finding one, I happen to know a very good one ; )

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