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Posted on Fri, Nov 09, 2012

Have you ever notice that coffee, tea and hot cocoa taste just a little bit better in a great mug?  I for one,  am a fanatic about the mug I drink out of. My morning coffee is my favorite time of day and I want the experience to be perfect in every way.  If I am not pleased with the mug I have chosen,  it takes a bit of joy away from the moment.I am guessing if I feel this way, several of you do as well.  For this reason we are starting a new series of posts at the Cross Country Cafe blog - Show us Your Mug! Each week I will pick a mug picture submitted by a reader, me or simply a cute mug I come across online or in a store.

This weeks mug(s) were submitted by yours truly!

I have three sets of stacking mugs that I absolutely adore for many reasons. First,  they save a tremendous amount of space.  Just look at this picture,  I have 9 mugs taking up very little room.

Second,  they serve multiple purposes.  I like the smallest size for espresso or a coffee that I use the smallest water setting of my Keurig to brew. I use them for sides at meals such as applesauce.  One more perfect use is portion control.  Our ice cream servings are always ket under control by using these smaller size mugs.

The medium size is my go to mug for tea.  As a matter of fact, I am using one for a lovely cup of  Twinings Camomile Kcup tea right now!

The third, largest size is the ultimate cappuccino mug.  I use this size to serve my homemade Keurig K-cup cappuccinos and lattes AND it  doubles as a perfect cereal bowl!

The third reason I am a fan of these stackable mugs is,  they are very esthetically pleasing to me… I love the simple white,  they look clean and modern.  But,  if you are a fan of color I did find this very cute version on Amazon:

Present Time Granny’s Colors Porcelain Espresso Cup Tower Set, Set of 6

I love the “granny colors”, and better yet these were listed at $9.43 and qualify for Prime shipping!  That is a great deal considering they also come with saucers.

If you are like me and gravitate towards white, I purchased mine at World Market,  they also have them listed on Amazon if there is not a store near you.

White Stacking Mugs or Espresso Cups, Sets of 6 – World Market

Stacking Jumbo Mugs Sets of 6 – World Market

Do you have a favorite mug?  Please send a picture to us and tell us why it is special to you.  Email submissions to-

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