Keurig in the Classroom- a Teacher's Must Have

Posted on Thu, Aug 22, 2013

Keurig is perfect for a teachers classroom

Yes, I am sad to say, summer is coming to a close in my neck of the woods. The days are getting shorter and the pools close next weekend : ( Time flies when the sun is shining in Cleveland.

As our beloved teachers head back to their classroom, they are decorating their rooms to inspire learning and creativity in their students.  Organizing cubbies so that their work is easily accessible and celebrating important holidays with themed decor.  But, what about them.  Dont teachers deserve something special in the one room they will be spending the majority of their time in for the next 8 months? Of course they do.  Enter Keurig Kcup coffee.

There are so many reasons that a Keurig is perfect for a teachers classroom...

1) There is no mess. Unless you are a science or art teacher your probably do not have a sink in your classroom.  Good news, with a Keurig brewer you don't need one!

2) You don't have to leave your room to get recharged.  No more rushing to the teacher's lounge in between classes or skipping your beloved coffee altogether because you can't step away from your responsibilities.

3) Certain models of Keurig  brewers are UL approved for commercial use.  Many teachers are not allowed to have coffee brewers in their classrooms because of the fire hazard.  The B145 Keurig brewer is not only UL approved but also has an automatic off feature.

4) Parents and the PTO will know what to buy you for holiday and end of year gifts- delicious Kcup coffee to go with your Keurig (sorry no more holiday ornaments!).

5) You can get the kids involved!  Your kids would love a Keurig hot cocoa party as a reward for good behavior.  Of course the cocoa must be brewed with adult supervision.  Click here to read about a 1st grade Keurig hot cocoa party that was a huge hit with students.

The bottom line is teachers deserve it.  They work long hard hours and get very few breaks. Their classrooms are without a doubt home away from home.  Why not make it as comfortable as possible and give them a well deserved treat.

PTO's and parents I hope you are reading and formulating a plan to buy one for your favorite teachers!

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