Keurig Etiquette

Posted on Thu, Mar 06, 2014

Empty milk carton in the fridge, crumbs in the butter, dishes in the sink...these are all common examples of kitchen etiquette that when broken can driver you bonkers.  Well, listen up people there is a whole new set of unwritten (until now) rules since Keurig has moved in. Follow these simple tips to keep your household happy.

add water to keurig reservoir



The empty water reservoir.  

When you brew yourself a fresh cup of Keurig Kcup coffee pay attention to the water level. There is a blinking blue light for pete's sake, it is not hard to miss. Please do not walk away and leave zero water for the next un-suspecting coffee drinker. 







empty keurig kcup box



The empty Kcup box

Nothing is worse than stumbling to the kitchen at the break of dawn, reaching in for the only hope of feeling awake box.  Lives have been lost for less.  









used kcup on counter


The used Kcup on the counter.

This one amazes me.  Your mama isn't here to clean up your mess and the garbage can is two feet away, use it.  Even if mom is around seeing this crime scene on the kitchen counter is going to make her none too happy.





clean keurig after tea



Tea in my coffee? No thanks.

This is a little known Keurig rule. The tea in Keurig Kcups tends to travel into the puncture needles.  if you do not run a water only brew cycle after a tea, you may end up with a few tea particles floating precariously in your cup 'o joe.  






empty kcup carousel



The empty Kcup storage carousel.

Why oh why is it so difficult to refill the Kcup carousel.  Despite what you may believe there is no magic fairy that comes in the middle of the night and fills it for us!  If you use the last Kcup, tag, you're it- FILL IT! 






I hope this helps prevent frustration in your household or place of business. We all know how important that first Kcup of the day is or the afternoon pick me up.  Those are moments that we need to go smoothly to avoid irrational behavior : )

 To read Keurig FAQ's click here




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