Coffee Art

Posted on Thu, Oct 31, 2013

paintng with kcup coffeeThere are several innovative artists out there using a new medium to fuel their I dont mean they are drinking it to pull all night painting sessions, coffee is literally being applied to paper to create beautiful works of art. Coffee art is similar to water color with striking results. The aged appearance gives these pieces a cozy sort of feel that attracts art lovers for its soothing appearance and unique flair.  

I have a particular attraction to these works of art first of course because of the coffee aspect but mainly I think they are simply beautiful.  I love sepia photos, coffee seems to the painting counterpart of sepia photography.  

According to several on line articles, coffee is quite difficult to work with, getting the proper consistency and depth seems to be a tightrope walk.  I decided to try it out myself and I have to agree and in addition there is very little control with the flow of the coffee.  There is no eraser and anything liquid tend to have a mind of its own. This gave me a whole new respect for the artists I have come across that have created amazing pieces using this medium.  

Here are a few of my favorites:

mona lisa coffee painting

Mona Lisa drinking coffee by Karen Eland.

creation of coffee 3

The Creation of Coffee by Karen Eland.

coffee painting by luna 8 d5kyikg

Woman drinking coffee by Luna-8.

Aha Moment 59   Gandhi















Gandhi by Coffee With Sundar.

paintng with coffee

Coffee Mug in Waiting by me : )

Do we have any artists out there that have tried using coffee as a medium in your paintings? Please share, we would love to see your work!

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