The Perfect K-cup Coffee For Your Dinner Party

Posted on Thu, Nov 07, 2013

dinner party Tis the season for entertaining family and friends.  You have prepared tasty hors d'oeuvre's, planned an amazing meal followed by a mouth watering dessert. Cocktails will be served and good times will be had by all.  But, wait you have forgotten one and tea.  

In order to have a well rounded dinner party coffee should be made available to your guests. Traditionally coffee is served after dessert once the plates have been cleared. However, I prefer to serve coffee and tea with dessert in order to enhance the flavors of each.  A second cup of joe (perhaps decaf or tea) is of course readily available.

Sounds simple enough right?  Think again, Aunt Milly prefers a flavored coffee, Uncle Joe drinks nothin' but pure dark black and your hippie cousin wont touch the stuff but would love to sip green tea.  Don't forget about the kids- hot cocoa's all around.  

How in the world are you going to pull all of that off?  Enter, your super hero Keurig.  

I wont bore you with the sales pitch of everybody gets what they want, variety, ease of use, no waste, ready in under a minute blah, blah, blah. 

Lets talk brass tacks, what variety of Keurig Kcup coffee should you have on hand to keep all of your family and friends satisfied at your next dinner party? There are a few categories that I would recommend.

-Your foundation should be a nice, classic medium roast such as Green Mountain Colombian or Caribou Blend.

-The next step would be a hearty, dark roast.  Any of the Barista Prima brand Kcups would satisfy this category.  I would tend to lean towards the French or Italian Roast. 

-There is bound to be at least a few flavored drinkers in every crowd.  I would stick with a simple French vanilla or hazelnut. 

-You should have at least a few hot cocoa Kcups on hand.  Swiss Miss is always a crowd pleaser and Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate hot cocoa is an excellent choice as well. 

-Don't forget the tea drinkers.  Again, go classic with an English breakfast or earl grey.

-The last group is the decaf drinkers.  I have found that decaf coffee fans are easy to please, you can go with basically anything for them.  I would recommend Vermont Country Blend. 

I know what you are thinking, Keurig Kcups come in a box of 24, you just listed 6 different categories, do I need to buy 6 entire boxes of Keurig Kcups?!

Nope. We have got you covered.

We have recently released a new VERY popular custom variety pack specifically for dinner parties!  The Keurig Kcup Dinner Party Variety Pack includes four Kcups from each of the categories I listed above.  You can satisfy all of your guest's coffee/ tea drinking preferences with one box!  How simple is that?!  

The Keurig Kcup Dinner Party Variety Pack includes:

4- Hazelnut


4- French Roast

4- Hot Cocoa

4- English Breakfast Tea

4- Decaf Vermont Country Blend

Pretty genius if I do say so myself.  Your guest's will be thrilled to indulge in their favorite coffee's and you can sit back, relax and enjoy your loved one's.

P.S. If you are the attendee of a dinner party this would make a great hostess gift as well!

P.S.S. Click below to view all of our Keurig Kcup Custom Variety packs.


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