Keurig K-cup Coffee Review- Barista Prima Colombia

Posted on Fri, Dec 06, 2013

Barista Prima Colombia Keurig Kcup reviewColombia is a dark roast Keurig Kcup coffee brought to us by Barista Prima. The experts at Barista Prima Coffeehouse are true artisans.Creating deep roasted coffees with a European flair. Colombia is just one of their fine treasures, they also offer French and Italian roast, all maintaining a superior quality creating a truly amazing cup of coffee. 

I brewed my Barista Prima Colombia Kcup coffee of the highest water setting of my brewer. Although this is not an extra bold coffee, I knew from other Barista Prima roasts that this Kcup would have more than enough body to stand up to plenty of water and maintain its depth. 

The smell was exactly what I would imagine when walking into a European coffee house.  A slightly pungent, deep and rich coffee bean aroma.  The appearance was quite dark with almost no translucency in the mug.  This is a dark cup of coffee but certainly not the darkest I have ever seen.  

Barista Prima Colombia Keurig Kcup coffeeThe first sip was filled with several dimension. I am not sure exactly how to describe this other than a pleasant bitterness.  I am reluctant to use that term as I do not want to turn you away, it is an apealing taste followed up wit a nutty sweetness reminiscent of walnuts.  

This is definitely a dark roast coffee but, not overly done.  It leaves a lingering taste on the tongue indicating a strong body. 

I would recommend this to dark roast drinkers specifically if you are a fan of french roast, this will be right up your alley (however, it is a bit more mild than a typical french roast).  If you are a medium roast drinker who tend to prefer a stronger cup, this Kcup will suit you just fine as well. I am sorry light roast and flavored drinkers, this is not the Kcup coffee for you. 

Has anyone experienced true European coffee? I would love to hear how you describe it.  

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