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Best Keurig Kcup Coffee Tasting Reviews of 2013We are continuing our look back on 2013 with a recap of our most popular Keurig K-cup tasting reviews.  As you know we taste and review a new Keurig K-cup coffee every Friday and share a quick and simple description of the coffee.  In addition we recommend the roast to certain groups of drinkers and also advise you to steer clear if we think it is not the K-cup for you.

We have compiled a list of our most popular K-cup coffee reviews of 2013:

1) Cafe Caramel

Cafe Caramel is a flavored Keurig K-cup coffee brought to us by Cafe Escapes.  Cafe Caramel has a strong caramel flavor and already contains milk and sugar.  If you enjoy coffee house mochas or lattes, Cafe Caramel is right up your alley.  (read more)

2) Three Continent Blend

Three Continent Blend is a medium roast coffee recently released by Green Mountain Coffee. Three Continent is a blend of three beans from popular coffee growing regions.  This is a woodsy and earthy tasting coffee that would be enjoyed by medium and dark roast coffee lovers.  (read more)

3) Italian Roast

Italian is a dark roast coffee brought to us by Barista Prima Coffeehouse.  Italian is considered by many to be the darkest roast coffee on the market.  Barista Prima managed to capture that extremely dark european type of coffee but, maintain a smooth, un-burnt taste.  Dark roast fans will love this coffee! (read more)

4) Daybreak Morning Blend

The famous Caribou coffee house beverages are now available in a K-cup!  Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend is a light roast, Rainforest Alliance coffee. This is a great everyday coffee that will be enjoyed by light, medium roast and flavored coffee drinkers.  Daybreak Morning Blend will appeal to the masses and is a great addition to any K-cup collection.  (read more)

5) Eight O'clock Coffee

Keurig has put a modern spin on a traditional coffee. Eight O'clock coffee is a classic brand that you may remember seeing in your granmother's kitchen.  It is available in regular roast or hazelnut.  You can not go wrong with Eight O'clock Keurig K-cup coffee, it is easy to drink and will be enjoyed by all coffee lovers. (read more)

6) Black Tiger

Black Tiger is a dark roast K-cup coffee brought to us by Coffee People.  Coffee People is a subsidiary of Gloria Jeans.  They are famous for quirky coffee names with strong, bold tastes. Black Tiger fits that description just right.  This is a dark coffee drinkers dream! (read more)

7) Nantucket Blend

Nantucket is a a medium roast, Fair Trade certified Keurig K-cup coffee produced by Green Mountain.  Nantucket is another must have for all Kcup collections.  This is a strong medium roast that will appeal to those who enjoy a bit of depth to their coffee on the darker spectrum. (read more)

8) Sumatran Reserve

Sumatran is a single origin dark roast, extra bold Keurig K-cup coffee sourced by Green Mountain.  This K-cup is also Fair trade certified.  Sumatran packs a powerful punch and is not for the faint at heart.  This coffee is very dark and full of lively characteristics.  This one is for dark roast fans only but, also tastes great in cappuccinos and lattes! (read more)

Trying all of these delicious Keurig Kcup coffees is a rough job but, someone has got to do it : ) I hope that the descriptions help you find your next favorite Keurig K-cup coffee and avoid roasts that simply won't suit your taste!

Stay tuned, there are plenty more to taste in 2014!

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