Keurig K-cup Coffee Review - French Roast

Posted on Thu, Jan 09, 2014

Green Mountain French Roast Keurig K cup coffee

There are several French roast coffees available in K-cups. Most are extra bold in addition to being dark roast.  This week I was thrilled to discover Green Mountain French Roast K-cup coffee is of course dark roast but, it is not extra bold.  When a K-cup is labeled extra bold it simply means that more coffee is added producing a stronger brew.  

It seems as if most roasters assume that dark roast coffee drinkers prefer the extra bold feature but, in some case that simply is not true.  With Green Mountain French Roast Keurig K-cup coffee you get a dark roast coffee that is rich and full bodied without being over done.

Green Mountain French Roast Keurig K cup coffee in mugI chose to brew this K-cup on the highest water setting of my Keurig knowing darn well than any French roast can easily stand up to a little extra water.  I was delighted by the pure coffee aromas that filled the air. 

The first sip was very surprising.  I expected to be overwhelmed by a burnt, bitter taste.  That was far from the case.  This coffee is definitely dark but somehow the roasters managed to keep it completely devoid of a burnt taste while still maintaining that strong body and depth. The layers are pronounced and exibit strong charachter. There was a slight woodsy almost toasted marshmallow sort of taste with a strong finish and lingering flavor. 

If I had to put this coffee on a spectrum of light to dark, it would be at the exact spot where medium ends and dark begins opening up my recommendation to both medium and dark roast drinkers. Light and flavored coffee drinkers this is not the K-cup for you.  

Are you a dark roast K-cup drinker?  Do you prefer the extra bold varieties?

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