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Posted on Fri, Mar 21, 2014

Southern Sweet Tea Brew Over Ice K cup Review

There is absolutely nothing better than an ice cold glass of southern sweet tea on a hot summer day, hands down it is the most refreshing beverage there is. But, making an entire pitcher can be time consuming.  Thankfully Keurig allows us to whip up this summer must in no time flat. But, is it the same?  Does it taste genuine?  These are the thoughts that ran through my head when I discovered Keurig K-cup Southern Sweet Tea

Brew Over Ice Southern Sweet Tea Keurig K cups

Southern Sweet Tea is a brew over ice K-cup brought to us by the tea experts at Celestial Seasonings. Celelstial Seasonings has been on our grocery store shelves for as long as I can remember. They are a true pioneer, jumping on the K-cup bandwagon very early on with their exclusive partnership with Green Mountain Coffee, the owners of Keurig. Not only are their teas offered in a traditional hot brew but, with their initiative and genius when it comes to everything tea, brew over ice varieties are available as well. 

Keurig K-cup Southern Sweet Tea is all natural black tea sweetened with cane syrup and stevia. The list of ingredients is very short (yay!) and it only contains 70 calories per glass. 

Southern Sweet Tea K cups Nutritional information

As with any brew over ice K-cup I chose to prepare my Southern Sweet Tea using the lowest water setting on my Keurig.  This helps avoid any sort of a watered down taste when the tea combines with the ice.  I filled a 16 oz plastic cup absolutely to the rim with ice (I wanted this baby nice and cold!). I personally think any cold beverages taste better out of a mason jar ESPECIALLY Southern Sweet Tea so I transferred my now brewed and iced tea to my jar.  

The appearance was impressive, the color was a nice rich brown with minimal translucency.

Southern Sweet Tea Keurig K cup review 

The first sip was crisp and light.  The black tea flavor was abundant followed up with sweet lemon. I have had several sweet teas that are more sweet than tea- a huge turn off in my book. That was simply not the case with this K-cup.  The sweetness accents the tea taste rather than over powering it.  The lemon flavor is barely noticeable but, it all comes together at the back end with a pleasently refreshing lingering taste. 

But, back to my question- does it taste genuine.  Growing up with a southern mother, we often had a jar of black tea brewing in the sun on our back porch, I am well versed in corn bread, homemade biscuits and southern fried other words, i know my sweet tea.  I can honestly say that Keurig K-cup Sweet Tea tastes more genuine than most restaurants.  Celestial Seasoning hit the nail on the head with this K-cup!

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