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Posted on Sun, Mar 30, 2014

Crepes recipe

I was lucky enough to enjoy a few days in New York City last weekend.  I am completely enamored with the diversity of the big apple.  At any given time I could be standing next to a famous actor or sharing an elevator with a hard working native or rubbing elbows with a wall street tycoon.  In addition to a wide range of ethnicities and backgrounds of people, the food is just as much of a melting pot.  We ate pretzels at Central Park, authentic Mexican food, Chinese, plenty of local flair and my very favorite...crepes (at The Plaza of course!). 

This was the first time I had ever tasted a crepe and I fell MADLY in love!  So much that we actually had them two days in a row! I knew that this would be something I would have to make at home,  I was thrilled to find that crepes are fairly easy to make and are quite diverse. You can fill them with anything your little heart desires!

How to make crepes

Let's get to the recipe...

You will need:

2 eggs
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup water
1/2 milk
1/4 teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoons of melted butter
Fillings and toppings of your choice

- Start by whisking the eggs in a large bowl.

-Add the flour and combine well.

-Slowly add the water and milk, whisking constantly to combine. 

-Finally add the salt and melted butter and combine fully.

(My batter was a little lumpy so I used an immersion blender to really smooth it out. You could also mix this up in a regular blender or food processor.)

-Heat a griddle or saute pan over medium heat.

-Use a 1/4 cup measuring cup and scoop some batter onto the middle of the pan.

-Then pick up the pan by the handle and rotate your wrist to move the batter in a circular motion so it spreads into a circle shape. Doesn't have to be perfect!

-After a couple of minutes use a spatula to flip your crepe.

-Cook for another 30-60 seconds and remove from heat.

Now the fun part! Fill your crepe with whatever you'd like, roll up the sides, and add more toppings if desired.

Easy Blueberry Crepes Recipe
I put blueberries and whipped cream on ours with a drizzle of Nutella on top. Stick a small bowl of Nutella in the microwave for 30 seconds or so and it will get thinner. Then dip a spoon in it and flick the spoon back and forth over your crepes to make those fancy drizzle lines. Easy!
Other ideas are strawberries, bananas, or my NYC favorite- eggs, goat cheese and spinach.

Get creative!

What is your favorite crepe filling?

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