How Long Does Keurig® Coffee Last? 

Posted on Thu, May 01, 2014


If you are anything like me, there is an array of many different Keurig K-cup flavors sitting in your cupboard.  Probably more that you can possibly drink in a reasonable amount of time.  I am constantly arranging the oldest ones first, assuring that none of my precious treats go to waste. But, I always end up having those few that sit forever, skipped over for no apparent reason. This dilemma raises the question- just when do K-cups expire? 

Where to find Expiration Date on K-Cups

First, you will need to determine the best use by date of the K-cup in question.  There are two different places to look.  The date is imprinted on the side of every K-cup but, good luck seeing it.  You need a magnifying glass to even find it and actually reading what it says is near impossible.

Best use by date on side of K cup


Luckily, the second location of the best use by date is much easier to manage but, you have to know where to look.  It is printed on the bottom of every K-cup box. Usually in an attention grabbing black square. 


Best use by date on bottom of K cup box


The best use by date is a guideline for great tasting fresh coffee as recommended by the roaster.  It is not an expiration date. Keurig K-cups are packaged in a manner that they will not expire but simply are not up to industry standards after a certain time period.  The "expiration date" is  determined by your taste buds.  If it is past the best use by date but, still tickles your fancy- brew away!

This all rings true for K-cups that have maintained their air and moisture seal. K-cups are sealed with nitrogen keeping them happily away from these elements for long periods of time. If the seal is broken, do not use the K-cup as it will have lost its freshness and will not brew properly. 

This is good news for me and my fellow K-cup hoarders, the pressure is off- we have a significant amount of time to use up our stash! 

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