Keurig K-cup Review ~ Hazelnut

Posted on Fri, May 09, 2014

Gloria Jeans Hazelnut Keurig K cup coffee reviewHazelnut is a medium roast flavored K-cup coffee brought to us by Gloria Jeans. Gloria Jeans flavored coffees are among my favorite because the majority are medium roasts giving their coffees a nice, rich body.  

The first striking feature of this coffee is the aroma.  The delicious smell of hazelnut filled the air from the second I hit brew leaving me eager to take my first sip.  

Hazelnut K cup coffee in mug

The appearance was exactly what I like to see, nice and dark with little or no translucency. 

Hazelnut is one of those flavors that seems to pair perfectly with coffee, an ideal compliment enhancing the taste and making my tastebuds happy. That is certainly the case with Gloria Jeans K-cups.  The flavor is prevolent yet subtle at the same time.  I am definitely aware that this is a flavored coffee but, it blends right in almost as if they are one.  Corny?  Maybe, but it is true.

This is an easy to drink pleasant cup of coffee. There is nothing extreme.  This is one of those K-cups that should be in every Keurig owners arsenal, it will appeal to the masses and is a perfect starting point for new users.

I would recommend Gloria Jeans Keurig K-cups to a myriad of coffee drinkers.  Light and medium roast fans, this will suite you just fine.  Flavored coffee drinker, you are gonna love it! Dark roast connoisseur's, this is no the K-cup for you but, I certainly dont think you would hate it. 

Have you tried the Gloria Jeans line of flavored K-cup coffees? Which is your favorite?

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