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Posted on Thu, Oct 16, 2014

Broadway is a dark roast espresso brought to us by Hiline coffee.  Hiline manufactures Nespresso compatible capsules providing us with a premium alternative to brew in our prized single serve espresso machines at a valued price.  

Most Nespresso compatible capsules come with an intensity rating on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the darkest. Broadway falls pretty high on the scale with a rating of 9/10.  This left me feeling a little intimidated...I do enjoy dark roast coffees but, still fear that the roaster may overdo it and leave me with a brew completely devoid of coffee taste replaced by burnt bitterness.  Luckily, this was not the case with Broadway. 

I brew all of my Nespresso capsules on the higher water setting of my unit, I guess I am just not woman enough to go with the more intense lower water choice! The result was a beautiful espresso with a perfect thick crema, that clings to the side of my mug. 

The first sip was some what uneventful on the front end.  I don't mean that in a bad way- it was easy and smooth. Once the espresso reached the back end of my tongue that is when the party started.  I swear the fruity/ tart flavor literally felt like it was dancing on my tongue (perhaps that is how they came up with the Broadway name)!  I have never used the word glitsy to describe a taste but, that is what came to mind right away. This Nespresso compatible capsule is packed with depth - a surprising feature considering it is a single origin bean. Generally, it takes a blend of beans to create this kind of dimension.  

I found Broadway to have a medium acidity and a body that lingers for quite some time. 

I would tend to disagree with the intensity rating on this espresso. I think it is more of a 7 maybe even a 6- it simply is not anywhere close to overwhelming. 

I would recommend Broadway to really any espresso drinker but, specifically medium roast fans who prefer an easy to drink smooth cup of joe.  If you are in search of a bold in your face espresso, this is not the one for you. If you regularly choose Kazaar, Dharkan, Ristretto, Arpeggio or Roma Nespresso capsules, Braodway will suit you just fine. 

Hiline coffee is not endorsed, sponsored, licensed or approved by Nespresso or any of it's affiliates.  Nestle is a registered trademark of Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.

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