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I admit it, I am a huge baby when it comes to traveling.  I get homesick, I can't help it. I miss my family, I miss my comfy bed, I miss my dog.  If I can bring any piece of home to give myself just a little bit of comfort, I am all over it.  Couple that with the insanely disgusting coffee in most hotel rooms and it is a no brainer who my favorite travel partner is- my Keurig.  

Traveling with a Keurig brewer is a breeze with a few easy tips.  

1) Be sure to empty the water reservoir completely.  This not only prevents leakage but, it is optimal for the health of your brewer.  

If you are lucky enough to own the K145, this step is done at the flip of the drainage switch located at the top of the unit.

For the rest of us, simply pour the water out of the side reservoir.  Unfortunately, there is no way to drain the internal reservoir on any brewer other than the K145.  Unless, you are visiting the arctic and need to worry about freezing temperatures, this is really not a huge issue. 

Mini owners can skip this step since your unit does not have a reservoir. 

2) Pack your brewer with care.  I recommend wrapping your unit in a fluffy towel (or two) then placing it in a tight fitting cardboard box.  Make sure the cardboard is strong and sealed tightly. There are specialized travel bags for the smaller units but, it has been my experience that the cardboard box works just fine.  

3) If you are traveling by plane you will need to decide whether to check your Keurig or carry it on.  As of today Keurigs are approved for carry on however, size matters.  Check the size restrictions of carry ons for your airline before your trip. 

Regardless of whether you decide to carry your brewer on the plane with you or check it, it is a good idea to wait to seal the box at the airport just in case the authorities decide to inspect it. 

4) Any K-cups that you are bringing with you should be treated in the same manner.  If you are traveling by car, do you best to avoid extremely high temperatures for extended periods of time, this can affect the fresh taste that you are used to. 

5) Many hotels are now providing Keurig brewers in their rooms but, the coffee selection is usual very limited.  Call ahead before you leave and you may be able to leave your Keurig at home and just bring your favorite K-cup coffees.

Some of you may think it is crazy to go through all of this trouble for a coffee brewer.  I beg to differ.  There is nothing better than indulging an amazing cup of coffee from your very own Keurig while you are on a trip, that is what vacations are about after all.  

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