Posted on Tue, Jul 25, 2017

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A Keurig® coffee brewer is an essential dorm room item for the college bound. Easy access to inexpensive, high-quality coffee will help your favorite student power through all nighters and avoid costly trips to Starbucks. Most college housing comes with stipulations as to the sort of electronics that can be used in a dorm room, from all out bans on toasters to only ul approved items. Luckily, the Keurig® mini brewer makes to "ok to use" list.

The benefits of having a Keurig® brewer in your dorm room reach far beyond just coffee. With a little creative know how or we like to think of it as...genius, a full days worth of meals can be prepared with your unit: soup, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal, and the list goes on! Basically, anything that can be whipped up with a little hot water, can be made with a Keurig® coffee brewer.

The ideas are truly endless but, we thought we would get you started with a few of our favorites:

1) Soup


2) Smoothies

Protein smoothie made with Keurig.jpg

3) Overnight Oats/ Chia

Coffee Chia Overnight Oats made with a Keurig.jpg

4) Macaroni and Cheese


5) Hot oatmeal

How to make oatmeal with your Keurig.jpg

6) Ramen Noodles



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