Keurig K-cup Coffee Review-Holiday Blend

Posted on Thu, Dec 18, 2014


Holiday Blend is a new member of the seasonal Keurig K-cup family.  Throughout the year Green Mountain Coffee Roasters releases a new flavor that fits the particular month of release.  For example Pumpkin Spice is the fall choice and Island Coconut is generally available in early summer.  The seasonal K-cup coffees are always a crowd favorite, I am among the many fans that look forward to each and every one!  Up until this year, the seasonal K-cups have always been flavored coffees.  Leaving the regular roast drinkers empty handed. Green Mountain decided that they did not want to leave anyone out of the fun and has added a non flavored choice as well!

It all started with Autumn Harvest which was, you guessed it, the fall K-cup.  Now that December is upon us, we have a new addition to the seasonal K-cup line up- Holiday Blend. 

Holiday Blend is a medium roast, limited edition, Fair Trade certified K-cup coffee. This is (as its name indicates) a blend of medium and dark beans. Most coffees are blends unless the name of the coffee indicates a country of origin such as Kenyan AA or Sumatran, these are examples of single origin K-cup coffees. If you are interested in reading further on that subject, you can find several books here.

I chose to brew my Holiday Blend K-cup on the highest water setting of my Keurig, thinking that the dark roast beans included in this coffee would allow it to stand up to a little extra water.  The result was a bit more translucency than I expected but, a nice rich color none the less. 

The first sip was smooth and full bodied.  I was surprised by this considering the appearance.  There were hints of a woodsy taste followed by a pleasant citrus with just a slight bitterness.  I am not sure how else to describe the sensation of this coffee other than- alive.  It was bright and upbeat.  Despite the blend of dark and medium bean, I would call this roast a true medium that will appeal to many segments of coffee drinkers.

If you are a fan of Vermont Country Blend or Colombian, this K-cup coffee is right up your alley. Light roast drinkers, you may enjoy this K-cup as well it just depends how far on the light roast spectrum you fall.  I would say the same for dark roast enthusiasts.  Holiday Blend simply falls right, smack dab in the middle. 

Have you tried Holiday Blend?  Would you agree with my description?
Additional informaton:
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