Keurig K-cup Coffee Review - Nutty Hazelnut

Posted on Fri, Jun 13, 2014


Nutty Hazelnut is a brew over ice, medium roast K-cup coffee brought to us by the always fun and quirky Coffee People. 

Nutty Hazelnut is the latest addition to The Original Donut shop brew over ice K-cups. For those that already know and love Sweet and Creamy, this will be a welcome addition to your K-cup collection. These amazing brew over ice K-cups have everything you need to enjoy an iced coffee packed into one tiny K-cup.  A perfect amount of cream and sweetener are already added. All that you need to provide is the ice! I reviewed Sweet and Creamy quite some time ago and really enjoyed it, I was curious as to how the addition of hazelnut flavor would affect this already near perfect iced coffee.  

Let's get to the review to find out...

I chose to brew my Nutty Hazelnut K-cup coffee in the lowest water setting of my Keurig brewer. This is always the best option for the iced varieties of K-cup to avoid a watered down taste.  I used quite a bit of ice and although I was still impressed with the results, I may use slightly less next time to add even more body to the coffee.


As you can see the coffee still appears "thick" but there is some translucency near the edges. A few less ice cubes should eliminate that in the future. 

The first sip was absolutely filled with an overwhelming amount of hazelnut flavor.  It hit me smack in the face, there is no denying this is a VERY flavored, flavored coffee. The hazelnut is then tempered with a creamy texture, finishing with an almost dessert like quality.  There is a sweetness but it is mild.  A coffee taste is present but is definitely an afterthought.  

I have to say this K-cup is named quite appropriately, it is definitely nutty, sweet and creamy. There is no simpler way to describe it. 


Although very appealing to many, the abundant flavor will limit who I can recommend this K-cup too.  I think it will satisfy the mass population as the majority of coffee drinkers do prefer a medium roast flavored coffee,  But, if you are not a flavored fan, steer clear of this one.  Dark roast drinkers, I don't think this is the one for you either.  

Those who love their flavored coffees and prefer that to be to most prevalent taste, this is the one for you.  I guarantee you are going to fall in love with this brew over ice K-cup coffee!

P.S. Click here for an amazing Chocolate Hazelnut Martini recipe using this K-cup!

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