Keurig K-cup Coffee Review ~ Viennese Blend

Posted on Fri, May 30, 2014

Coffee_Bean_and_Tea_Leaf_Viennese_Keurig_K-cup_coffeeViennese Blend is a dark roast K-cup brought to us by the newest member of our Keurig family, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. 

Vienna is a coffee lovers paradise, with some of the oldest coffee houses in the world, dating back to 1683 and a very distinct cafe culture. Coffee in Vienna is much more than a simple beverage,  it is an event and an indulgence.  But, not one to be enjoyed rarely...the Viennese drink more coffee than most any other country in the world.  It is common to see individuals lingering at a cafe for hours enjoying cup after cup while reading or socializing with friends. 

Since I wont be traveling to Vienna anytime soon, I was hoping bring a bit of that coffee culture into my very own kitchen with CBTL Viennese Blend K-cup coffee. 

I chose to brew my K-cup on the highest water setting of my Keurig brewer as I do with most dark roasts.  The result was a coffee with rich brown color and almost no translucency.  The aroma was mild and lacked any burnt characteristics.

CBTL_Vienesse_Keurig_K-cup_coffee_in_mugThe first sip was smooth yet very rich and packed with depth.  I immediately picked up the European flair, tasting similar to a very mild french roast.  Again, there was no hint of any burnt sort of taste and a complete lack of bitterness. 

If you are a dark roast fan but, want to stay away from the typical french and italian roast burnt taste, Viennese is a great choice for you.  Sometimes with the dark roast coffees I think that roasters try to take it too far and awe us with shock value while losing the integrity of the bean. All of the subtle nuances are lost and are replaced by nothing but smoke.  CBTL has done an excellent job of creating a dark coffee while maintaining the depth and layers of the coffee. 

I would recommend Viennese K-cup coffee to medium and dark roast coffee drinkers.  Light and flavored K-cup fans, this is not the K-cup for you but, if you are considering taking the plunge to the dark coffee side, this is a great one to start with. 

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