Keurig K-cup Review ~ Citrus Splash Iced Tea

Posted on Thu, Jul 24, 2014


I have a confession, my Citrus Splash iced tea Keurig K-cups have been sitting in my cupboard for a very long time as in I may have possibly purchased them last summer. They simply did not call out to me, I don't know why but, I have avoided them until this very 90 degree day.  

Citrus Splash is brought to us by one of the oldest tea companies around - Twinings.  I do very much enjoy Twinings iced K-cups because they are unsweetened and all natural. They contain nothing other than high quality tea and usually a bit of fruit flavor to add a touch of flavor.  My favorites are Mixed Berries and Pomegranate Raspberry

I chose to brew my Citrus Splash K-cup on the lowest water setting of my Keurig.  If you are new to the brew over ice world, I highly recommend always using the this setting.  First of all, you are less likely to overflow your cup and second, your beverage will not taste watered down. 

The results were a very light, somewhat translucent tea.  Generally, I prefer a darker brew however, in this instance a light, thirst quencher is just what the doctor ordered. 


The first sip was instantly refreshing. I know it is cliche to describe an iced tea as refreshing but, I that term simply can not be avoided in this situation. The tea flavor was pleasant and the hints of citrus were very minimal but, did a great job of brightening the experience. This is a simple beverage, the ingredients are black tea, bergamot, lemon and orange flavor.  Although I have no idea what bergamot is, the mild black tea, orange and lemon shone through and complimented each other nicely. 

Those of you who love sipping on unsweetened iced tea, this is right up your alley.  I am quite certain you will love the addition of citrus flavor.  If you are a water drinker and want to change things up a bit form time to time, Citrus Splash is a great choice for you as well.  Southern Sweet Tea and Snapple fans, this is not the K-cup for you.  I fear that there is not enough sweetness to keep your taste buds satisfied. 

Has anyone tried Citrus Splash?  We would love to hear what you thought, leave a comment below with your description!

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