Keurig K-cup Review ~ Snapple Lemon Iced Tea

Posted on Fri, Jun 27, 2014


Snapple is at it again with another inventive K-cup iced tea for us to enjoy.  Snapple is a company that I need not say too much about since we all already know that they are the ultimate authority on iced tea with unique flavor.

Snapple offers us three K-cup varieties, Peach, Raspberry and Lemon iced teas. 

Iced K-cup coffees and teas produce the best results with a small amount of water in the brewing process.  For this reason I prepared my Snapple Lemon Tea using the lowest water setting of my Keurig (6oz on my K145) over a nice full cup of ice (I highly recommend using a Tervis for ultimate enjoyment of your iced bevreages!). 

This produced a shockingly rich looking tea with a beautiful caramel color and almost no translucency. Similar to the Peach and Raspberry varieties that I have already reviewed. 


The first word that came to mind when I took a sip was balanced. There seems to be a very equal amount of lemon and tea in this tasty little concoction.  This provides an interesting a refreshing blend that is easy to drink, simple and pleasing.  The flavor was a bit more subdued that the other varieties but still very prevalent.  The most unique quality of Snapple teas is the silky, heavy mouth feel.  That was again the case with lemon tea.  

I noticed a few reviews from other drinkers who enjoyed this K-cup hot.  Out of sheer curiosity and with a confidence that it would not be a positive result, I tried brewing a Snapple Lemon Tea without ice.  I was absolutely right- how anyone could think this tastes good hot is beyond me but, to each their own. If you are looking for a hot lemon tea, I would recommend Lemon Zinger instead. 


I was shocked to discover that this tea only contains 40 calories as most other Brew Over Ice varieties have almost double that!

I would of course recommend this K-cup to bottled Snapple fans, that is a no brainer.  If you are a hot tea drinker, this is a possibility for you but, quite frankly that is not comparing apples to apples.  Flavored coffee drinkers, the tastes in this K-cup will certainly suit your fancy!

P.S. You will notice that the label makes a statement to Phenylketonurics, dont panic...this is simply a courtesy message to individuals with the rare disease PKU who can not ingest phenylalanine an amino acid found in some foods and beverages. 

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