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Valentines Day is right around the corner. It is time to think about and appreciate the ones we love. From partners to teachers, children to coworkers the reach of Valentines Day is far and wide. But, don't worry, it does not have to break the bank. Sometimes the best gifts are simple and homemade but, full of thought and care. These 12 Valentines ideas are perfect for any and all coffee lovers in your life!


1) Valentines Day coffee sleeves 

Suprise your Valentine with their favorite cup of joe wrapped in this custom made coffee sleeve! 

(Click here for the directions and free prinatble pattern).




2) Homemade heart shaped tea bags

How sweet are these heart shaped tea bags for Valentines Day? Not only do they scream I love you but, they are functional and can be enjoyed for days!

(Click here for the directions.)




3) Kcup coffee Valentine gift basket 

Know a Keurig user? This Keurig Kcup gift basket is sure to wow them. Include a gift certificate for a Kcup coffee of the month club and you will be a hero all year long!

(Click here for the directions and free printable.)




4) DIY Valentine sharpie mug

Simple and adorable. These custom made sharpie mugs for Valentines day are stylish and afordable. The best part is, you can make a matching pair to share!

(Click here for step by step instructions.)




5) DIY chocolate coffee spoons 

This one takes the thrifty cake! Make a batch of chocolate spoons, include the free coffee themed printable tags and you have enough Valentines gifts to go around the whole office!

(Click here for the instructions and free printable coffee themed gift tags.)




6) Jam sweetheart cookies

Cookies always make a wonderful Valentines Day present. Make them Jam Sweethearts and you will look like a professional baker. Little will they know these babies are a piece of cake (or cookie) to make!

(Click here for the recipe.)




7) Adorable coffee Valentine card

This one is not a DIY but, a designer original. This super cute handmade coffee Valentines Day card will create quite an impact all on its own. Pair it with one of our DIY ideas and you have a match made in heaven!

(Click here to view this card on Etsy.com)




8) DIY crochet Valentine's Day coffee mug cozy

If you are a crocheter, this is a no brainer. You must make this Valentines Day mug cozy and send it to everyone you know! I guarantee, they will love it!

(Click here for the instructions and free pattern.)




9) Super easy marshmallow hearts

This one is for the kiddos! Brew them a delicious cup of hot cocoa and top with these incredibly easy to make frozen whipped cream hearts. They will certainly feel the love and enjoy the tasty treat!

(Click here for the directions.)




10) Delicious strawberry and vanilla cookies

These strawberry and vanilla cream cookies are unique and just darn pretty. Oh ya and they taste AMAZING!

(Click here for the recipe.)




11) Kcup box up cycle- Easy Minecraft Valentines mailbox 

Don't forget about the boys. Valentines Day is not all pink and hearts. You will look like the parent of the year when you send little Johnny to school with this Minecraft Valentine's mailbox. When in reality, it came together in minutes with items you already had in the house!

(Click here for the directions.)





12) The Minimalist

One of my favorites. No frills, pretty and artistic in its own right and the statement is clear...I thought of you. Isn't that all that matters anyways?

(Click here for the directions but, do you really need them?)




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