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Everyone has a Keurig Kcup coffee user on their holiday shopping list. The good news is, their coffee passion makes finding great gifts for them a breeze. Our list of 13 coffee enthusiast gift ideas makes it even easier. Any of these items will be well received by the Keurig Kcup coffee lover in your life! Without further ado...


k-cup-coffee-of-the-month-flavored-76e.jpgKCUP COFFEE OF THE MONTH MEMBERSHIP

Any Keurig coffee lover will be elated to receive a new Kcup coffee shipment month after month! A Kcup coffee of the month membership offers your loved one a wonderful opportunity to experience new flavors and roasts. 



 wood_keurig.jpgWOODEN PLAY KEURIG

Wow, times have changed! This adorable wooden toy Keurig comes equipped with 3 different "Kcups" for your little barista to choose from. The Melissa and Doug wooden Keurig brewer is an excellent optional for the little ones that want to be just like mom and dad!





Believe me when I tell you that any Keurig 2.0 owner longs for an upgraded stainless steel carafe. The plastic version that comes standard with the brewers is dismal at best. The coffee is cold in a matter of minutes. This stainless steel carafe will ensure that your favorite coffee drinker can enjoy cup after cup of hot water from their prized new thermal stainless steel carafe for Keurig 2.0!

P.S. This is an Amazon top-selling product with tons of positive reviews!





Dubbed the coffee mug for lazy people! But, really who wants to deal with fetching, using, and cleaning a spoon? That is all so 2014. Now, with the self-stirring coffee mug, your cream will be blended perfectly at the touch of a button. Better yet, this fun gift idea comes with a lid for perfectly stirred coffee on the go!
With a great-looking design and functional technology, your coffee friends will be thrilled with this self-stirring coffee mug!



Stylish in design, top performer in function. This steel Kcup and Kcarafe combination countertop storage unit will keep any Keurig user organized. Not only that but this attractive unit looks sleek and appealing.  Users have the ability to choose their favorite coffee conveniently and easily with the Kcup/ Kcarafe storage carousel.

the-ultimate-keurig-kcup-variety-pack-e3d.jpgTHE ULTIMATE KEURIG KCUP VARIETY PACK

Now you can try a HUGE variety of Keurig Kcup coffees with our ultimate variety pack. You will receive 44 flavored and regular roast Kcup coffees including:

6- Caramel Vanilla Cream, 6- French Vanilla, 6- Hazelnut, 4- Wild Mountain Blueberry, 6- Breakfast Blend, 6- Vermont Country Blend, 6- Dark Magic, 4- French Roast


coffee_gives_me_superpowers-1.jpgCOFFEE GIVES ME SUPERPOWERS

"For coffee lovers and those that love them", this super cute and fun graphic style book makes a perfect gift for funky coffee drinkers. The author pokes fun at our overwhelming addiction to this magical beverage while providing interesting facts and artistic representations of our nation's favorite drink. 

Java_Logs.jpgJAVA LOGS
Inspired by nature, with a commitment to sustainability, Pine Mountain Java-log is the only firelog made from recycled coffee grounds. Named Time Invention of the year in 2003, the earth-friendly, innovative Java-log burns bright, for a brilliant, aromatic fire the whole family can enjoy. Makes a very unique and well-appreciated gift!

heated_coffee_mug-1.jpgUSB/ 12 VOLT HEATED COFFEE MUG

Keep coffee or tea nice and hot even while in the car! Perfect for coffee lovers with a long commute. This is a 16 oz. dual-powered heated stainless steel interior travel mug. It plugs into an auto 12-volt DC socket or a computer USB port with the cable (included).

Great gift for the coffee-guzzling traveling salesman!


morning_mood_mugs.jpgMORNING MOOD MUGS

So. Freaking. Cute. When hot liquid, such as coffee or tea are poured into the mug the appearance quickly changes. The black cup completely turns white and the face will awake to greet you! Simply a perfect, fun gift for all coffee and tea drinkers (kids love it for hot cocoa as well)!




The perfect companion to Keurig Kcup coffee brewing is a milk frother, hands down. Having a milk frother allows you to turn your Keurig Kcup coffee into delicious cappuccinos and lattes. The best news is, they are super easy to make and taste just as good as the coffee shop. This handheld milk frother makes a perfect stocking stuffer.





This Picnic Time Java Express pack features a fully insulated polyester canvas construction with deluxe coffee, tea, or hot cocoa service for two. A perfect gift idea for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. This is a fun idea that creates a great coffee activity for your recipients to enjoy. 




Each season Keurig Green Mountain releases a limited edition, seasonal Kcup coffee. All Keurig users anxiously await the arrival of each season's flavor and/ or roast! For the holiday's we get to enjoy Gingerbread, Spicy Eggnog, and Holiday Blend, perfect tasty treats that make amazing coffee gifts!






I hope our list helps ease your holiday shopping woes! Coffee drinkers are a passionate group that enjoys anything and everything related to their favorite cup of joe! Add in a Keurig user and you open up all kinds of gift-giving possibilities : )


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