Which K-Cup® Pods are Best? Try These 7 Today

Posted on Thu, Jul 13, 2017

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I see it all the time. A massive collection of K-cup® pod boxes of various flavors, several are seemingly untouched, others are nearly empty. New Keurig® brewer users and veterans alike, tend to struggle with putting together a balanced ensemble of roasts to satisfy every type of coffee preference. This is a common phenomenon in commercial settings but, homes fall victim as well. Keeping a well-rounded variety of K-Cup® pods on hand is essential for a large family and entertaining guests. 

Which K-Cup® pods are best?

When we are asked for the suggestion on what K-Cup® pods to start with and for that matter which to purchase to maintain a harmonious group of java lovers, seven classics are always part of our recommended line up. In fact, these same seven have been an integral component of the Keurig® K-Cup® coffee family nearly since it's inception. Sticking with this inventory will provide a choice for every type of coffee connoisseur.

Say hello to the members of our classic K-Cup® coffee collection:

the best k cups

You may notice that one of these things is not like the others. Green Mountain coffee IS Keurig. They own it, and as such, their roasts have been around the longest and remain the top choice of high quality, gourmet coffee for Keurig® brewers. However, although The Original Donut Shop K-cup® pods are a late comer to the party, the unique blend filled an empty spot and rounded out the grouping entirely. There are seven K-cup® pods in the classic collection consisting of five unflavored coffee pods (in order by roast intensity, lightest to darkest):

1) Green Mountain Breakfast Blend- light roast

2) Green Mountain Colombian Fair Trade Select- medium roast

3) The Original Donut Shop Coffee- medium to dark roast

4) Green Mountain Dark Magic- dark roast

5) Green Mountain French Roast - darker roast

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There are also two flavored K-Cup® coffee pods included:

1) Green Mountain Hazelnut

2) Green Mountain French Vanilla

classic kcup collection flavored roasts.jpg

Each of the seven K-Cup® pods offer a deep and rich coffee experience. Honestly, all of those looking for a great cup of joe will be perfectly satisfied reaching for any one of these options. However, the purpose of choosing a Keurig® brewer is to drill down to the micro level of coffee taste assuring that each drinker has their perfect cup. Tailoring your K-cup® coffee collection to these classic roasts will take the guess work out of achieving the phenomenon.

The classic K-cup® collection is a perfect beginner package or a great gift for a current user. All of the K-Cup® roasts included can be purchased individually or as a seven box package. But, remember when asking which K-Cup® coffee is best, the answer is always the one YOU prefer!


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