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(A shout out to Matt and Ryan, founders of Bean Box for sending us samples of a few of their coffees to try!)

It is every coffee lovers dream to visit Seattle, WA and spend time indulging in the tastes and aromas that come with their amazing coffee culture. Seattle is of course the mecca of small batch roasters that look at coffee as an art form. There is not another city that takes more pride in producing a truly stellar cup of joe. But, alas we are trapped here in the daily grind (no pun intended). Never fear, I have found a way to indulge in Seattle's finest brews without even leaving my home...Bean Box

Bean Box is a absolutely the bomb. It all started with two tech geeks who fueled their software engineering careers by none other than great Seattle coffee. They decided to share the extreme love they developed for their local coffee artisans and Bean Box was born. Bean Box is a subscription based service that enables you to try all of Seattles best coffees right in your own home. Mathew and Ryan (said tech geeks) personally put together a sampling of the top roasters current products each month and send them off to you. But get this, they guarantee to ship the coffee within 48 hours of roasting. Know what that means? Darn fresh coffee. When I received my first shipment, I was enjoying coffee beans that were roasted way on the other side of the country just 5 days before. This is no joke to Matt and Ryan, they take the freshness factor very seriously.  In fact they visit each roasting facility and gather the freshest beans each morning before they prepare their shipments!

Back to my first box. I received four bags (totaling a half pound of coffee) offering a perfect array of roasts. 

First up was Ethiopia Mogeyes (mo hay as) by Kuma Coffee:


I am not much of a light roast fan so, I was astounded at how much I like this coffee. In fact, I would have to say it was my favorite of the box. Most light roast coffees come across very flat and somewhat bitter to me. Not this one. Mogeyes was very smooth and did have a light mouth feel but all all kinds of magic happened on the back end. There was an explosion of bittersweet flavor that left me shocked. This balanced caramel goodness sent the first sip off with a pleasant bite and a lingering delicious taste.

*Note, Mogeyes looked a little too light at first. I remedied that by letting it steep in my french press for an extra minute, you might want to try that too!

Next up on my Seattle coffee tour was Colombia San Marcos by Conduit:


This is another light roast so I applied my same extra steeping time method to get a nice dark cup. In fact, the cup was very dark, if I had not known better I would have mistaken it for a medium roast coffee. The first sip immediately tasted woodsy with a heavy mouth feel. There was a lack of depth but, that was made up for by the silky hints of chocolate and cherry. I would recommend this coffee to basically anyone, I think it will appeal to the masses and especially to the everyday coffee drinkers. I enjoyed it black which really speaks to the silkiness. I honestly did not miss my cream at all. It takes a superbly roasted coffee to make that happen. 

Moving on to Drip Blend by Herkimer:


I was warmed up now and ready for a darker brew. Herkimer provided that with this lovely medium roast bean that hails from Hondorus. Even with a standard brewing time, there was very little translucency in my mug. The first sip was brisk with a medium mouth feel. Again, silky came to mind right away and there were sweet notes that finished clean. 

Last but certainly not least I had the pleasure of enjoying Roasters Choice by Lighthouse Roasters Fine Coffees:


Roasters Choice beans are simply stunning. I may be a true coffee nerd and the only one on the planet that appreciates a good looking bean but, gosh darn these are some handsome little devils. They are a rich, chocolate brown with a beautiful shiny finish. Seriously the kind of bean that you just hate to destroy by grinding but on the other hand cant wait to get in your mug! This coffee is a blend of Ethiopian, Latin and Sumatran's finest producing a dark roast coffee with an appealing aroma. Roasters choice is absolutely packed with depth almost like fireworks going off on your tongue. It then finishes smooth and sophisticated rounding out a full palate experience. 

People, you cant get coffee like this just anywhere. Bean Box has hand selected roasters that display their craftsmanship at it finest. They are world renowned and a true joy to drink. The best part is, Bean Box coffee subscriptions are right around twenty bucks with free shipping...an incredible price for such a fun simple pleasure. They offer flexible plans with no obligation AND if you love one of your monthly roasts you just head to their website and order an extra bag!

Here is the low down on what their current holiday have to offering, if you are reading this after the day of love head here for their regular subscription plans.

Coffee of the Month

Bean Box hand picks a specialty roast from Seattle’s world-renowned roasters and delivers the coffee fresh to your sweetheart's doorstep. Make your Valentine’s Day gift last with a 3, 6, or 12-month Seattle coffee tour.

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Valentine’s Day Edition Coffee Sampler 

Our limited-edition Valentine’s Day sampler is the perfect coffee date with a combination of roasts and romance. This exclusive box features four coffees from Seattle’s world-renowned independent roasters paired with a See’s milk chocolate heart. Keep the coffee love coming with a 3, 6, or 12-month Seattle coffee tour.

  • 4 specialty coffees and a See's milk chocolate heart
  • Seattle's world-renowned coffee roasters
  • Tasting notes, roaster profiles, & brewing tips
  • Freshness guaranteed. Ships within 48 hours of roasting.
  • Add a special love note for a personal touch
  • FREE U.S. shipping

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I truly enjoyed this little Seattle adventure all from my the comfort of my own home. All for about twenty bucks and the best part is...I get to do it again next month! 

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