Posted on Thu, Mar 23, 2017

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Donut House Keurig coffee is not only a mainstay in the list of essential K-Cup coffees; it is perhaps number one. Donut House is and has been a K-Cup that has evoked curiosity and in turn satisfaction like no other. After all, who does not love a good ol' cup of joe from your neighborhood coffee shop or diner? You know the kind, in a thick mug, freshly poured from an old fashioned glass carafe by a friendly, behind the counter attendant (Does Lukes Diner come to mind for anyone? If you don't know what I am talking about crawl out from under your rock and watch an episode of Gilmore Girls). I can almost taste it and smell the welcoming aromas.

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Donut House K-Cup coffee fits the bill of all you expect from this sort of establishment and then some. Throw in the added pleasure of not leaving the house and you have hit the jackpot. Donut House K-Cup pods originally came in four roasts, and although I am certain at that time, they intended on expanding to other donut theme flavors, they have since revised that plan. If I am right, they shifted their attention to the coffee instead, realizing that if we want a donut, we will eat one. When it comes to Donut House coffee, we want to sip a rich, full-bodied cup of fresh java.

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Instead of adding silly flavors like jelly donut or rainbow sprinkle they have instead tightened their line to three top choices. One regular roast, one flavored, and one decaf creating a perfect line up with an option for everyone. Donut House K-Cup coffees are labeled a light roast but, I tend to disagree with that...strongly. These K-Cup are dark in the mug, with little to no translucency. Also they are packed with depth and a rich, satisfying flavor that suits medium and possibly even some dark roast fans. 

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The Donut House collection remains an oldie, but a goodie and I am positive it will be around for some time to come. If you are a new Keurig® pod user, this is a great starting point. Stock a box of each and your collection is simple yet, complete. Also, this is a coffee that is easy to drink and will appeal to the masses. 

Purchase Donut House K-Cup coffee pods here:>>

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