Are Keurig K-cups Reusable?

Posted on Thu, Jun 26, 2014


My name is April, I am a Keurig distributor and I reuse my K-cups. There I said it, are you shocked? 

But, let me clarify my reasons for doing so.  

First, it is certainly not to save money.  Using a Keurig is one of my favorite simple pleasures in life.  I have chosen to mindfully budget a certain amount of money for this daily joy and I refuse to feel guilty about it.  Second, it is not for the environment, as you know I already recycle my K-cups.

I reuse my K-cups because there is no reason not too if it is done properly.  

There are two times that I reuse my K-cups and certain restrictions I apply to avoid making myself ill and damaging my brewer.

On Saturday mornings, I squeeze a second small brew out of my K-cup in order to extend my quiet coffee drinking time with my husband.  Also, I always reuse K-cup teas because quite frankly, I like weak tea. 


There are several caveats to this that I highly recommend you follow as well. 

1) I will never remove the foil lid of a K-cup, wash and reuse it with my own coffee as so many have suggested in online money saving forums.  This is completely unsanitary.  The tutorial videos I have watched on the subject suggest that you accumulate several spent K-cups then complete the process of lids removal, rinsing the filter and covering with foil.  I would like to gently remind those who choose to follow this process- mold and bacteria are quite fond of dark, wet, warm places.  Hmmm, is it just me or is that a perfect description of the inside of a K-cup? Don't be fooled into thinking the hot water will kill anything that has grown on the filter, boiling water must remain in contact with a surface for at least one minute for that to happen. 

Also, this is a sure fire way to clog your unit.  The brewer was designed to puncture the aluminum top and bottom once with a tight seal.

2) I will never reuse a K-cup coffee more than once, it will be more like coffee flavored water with any more uses. 

3) I will never reuse a K-cup that has sat for more than an hour. (mold and bacteria people, mold and bacteria).

As you can see my reuse is very limited.  The bottom line is that K-cups were not designed to be reused period.  But, if you can find a few easy ways to increase the enjoyment of your coffee or tea by doing so within all means have at it. 

However, just because Keurig K-cups are not optimal to be reused for consumption does not mean that they can not be re purposed for seed starter, decorations, party favors, etc.  Click here for more up cycling ideas.

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