Are Keurig Kcarafe Coffee Pods Recyclable?

Posted on Wed, Apr 08, 2015


Recycling Keurig Kcups is certainly a topic of controversy. As of today, single serve Kcups are not recyclable without an abundant amount of effort.  Kcups are made from three materials- plastic, a filter and a foil lid.  Those three items must be separated in order for each to be recycled.  Since they are fused together, that can be a daunting task (although this handy tool does make it a little easier). Keurig is very aware of these concerns and plans to roll out a completely recyclable Kcup within the next few years.  

Their first attempt at a recyclable Kcup was with the Vue pods.  Vue pods have a peel off lid that takes the filter with it.  Leaving the plastic body of the Kcup separate and ready for recycling.  Unfortunately, the Vue did not take off in the market place however, the design of the pod did.  Keurig saw the success with this recyclable coffee pod and carried it over to their newly released Kcarafes.  

Long story short- yes, Kacarafes can easily be recycled!

The Kacarafe coffees are compatible with the latest model of Keurig brewers- 2.0.  This unit allows users to brew an entire pot of coffee using the Kcarafe pods.  These pods have a removable lid and filter.  


Since those parts can be easily separated the plastic body can be recycled. It is made from #5 polypropylene plastic that is accepted at the majority of recycling centers.

I am thrilled that Keurig rolled out their Kcarafes right away in a more sustainable manner.  As for Kcups I am quite certain that this user friendly design will be applied to them as well.  In the meantime you still can recycle Kcups using this step by step process. If that is too much work for you, there are services available that will handle recycling your used coffee pods, Kcups, Nespresso capsules, Tdiscs etc.  Check out this Coffee Capsule Zero Waste Box .  This is the coolest thing ever. You buy the box, fill it with your used single serve coffees and send the box back to them (they include postage).  They will then recycle the contents for you!  It is a bit costly but, if you are a large volume user, I think it is definitely worth the money!

Do you recycle your Kcups?  Do you do it yourself or use a service?

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