Best K-Cup® Pods for Non-Coffee Drinkers

Posted on Fri, Oct 25, 2019

I can not relate but, I am willing to bet non-coffee drinkers are feeling left out of the Keurig® coffee maker buzz. They watch from the sidelines as we ooh and awe at new flavors and our old favorites. Who wouldn’t be jealous when we transition from grumpy Gus in the morning to a buzzing bee with just a few sips?

What if I told you no one has to sit this one out? Suit up non-coffee drinkers; you are getting in the Keurig® brewing game! There are a variety of options available so everyone can play. 

From teas to hot cocoa and a few varieties in between, I will tell you all about the best K-Cup® pods for non-coffee drinkers

K-Cup® pods for Kids


The first group on non-coffee drinkers are kids, and when it comes to this age, there is nothing better than hot cocoa (prepared by an adult)!  Swiss Miss hot chocolate K-Cup® pods are my top pick. Swiss Miss packed their classic recipe into a capsule that can be made with Keurig® coffee machines. Top with whipped cream or marshmallows, or try any of these hot cocoa recipes

Adults don’t worry; there is hot cocoa for you too! For a more refined adult palate, try Cafe Escapes hot chocolate, which is available in milk and dark chocolate. 

K-Cup® Herbal Tea

Keurig K-Cup® tea pods for non-coffee drinkers

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Herbal tea is an excellent option for non-coffee drinkers or to have on hand for some me-time. And don’t worry there are many more choices other than English breakfast. 

Lemon Zinger, Chamomile, and Peppermint are a few of my favorites that are all caffeine-free. Herbal tea sampler packs are a popular choice and nice to have on hand for guests. 

Best Chai Latte K-Cup® Pods

Our friends at Cafe Escapes nailed it with their Chai Latte. This spicy, slightly sweet, totally delicious treat is a long-time favorite of many Keurig® brewer owners–probably because it was the first flavor of its kind that they released. Since then, Cafe Caramel, Cafe Mocha, and Cafe Vanilla have all been added to the lineup! 

Apple Cider

Keurig® Apple Cider pods

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Last but not least, Green Mountain makes an all-natural apple cider pod that is to die for. Perfect for fall or anytime really, it contains only five recognizable ingredients: dried apples, brown sugar, sugar, natural flavors, and malic acid. This is a sweet treat and another excellent option for kids. With only 80 calories, you can indulge too! If you want to take it up a notch, check out these eight apple cider K-Cup® pod recipes including a cold apple cider float!


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