Keurig K-cup Coffee Review- Eight O’clock Coffee

Posted on Fri, Jun 28, 2013

Back by popular demand- Friday Kcup reviews! Every Friday at Cross Country Cafe we host a flavor review.  Let’s face it the selection of K-cups we have to choose from is huge,  how do you pick the right one?  Who wants to buy an entire box and not like it?! Our goal is to describe how the coffee or tea tastes in simple layman’s terms so that you can determine if it suits your preferences. Let’s get to the review, up this week…Eight O’clock Original and Hazelnut coffees.

Eight O'clock Keurig Kcup coffee

We are proud new parents of two delicious Kcups, please welcome to our family Eight O’clock original and hazelnut coffees!

Eight O’clock coffee is hailed as one of America’s greatest brands. They have been experts in the coffee industry for over 150 years…long before Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts were even a twinkle in their founders eyes. Eight O’clock is to coffee as Twinings is to tea…a company rich in history that you can trust to deliver a quality product.

I was so excited to try this line of Kcups that I decided to review both varieties this week, up first… Eight O’clock Original.

Eight O'clock Keurig Kcup coffee in mug copy

Original by Eight O’clock coffee is a medium roast, 100% Arabica bean coffee.

This is a full-bodied coffee, as you can see from the picture above, there is very little translucency in the mug- something I always look for! Despite the full body, there is a medium mouthfeel, pleasant and not overbearing. I found this brew to be somewhat reminiscent of a classic donut house or local diner coffee.  Simple, pure, crisp and clean with slight hints of citrus.

I would recommend this Kcup to medium to slightly dark Kcup drinkers.  Someone who likes a breakfast blend flavor but, would like a little more oomph to their cup of joe and to lovers of a colombian roast.

Flavored and light roast drinkers, this is not the Kcup for you.

Up next…Eight O’clock Hazelnut.

eight o'clock hazelnut keurig kcup coffee

Hazelnut by Eight O’clock Coffee is a medium roast, 100% Arabica bean, flavored coffee.

First and foremost, the aroma while brewing this coffee is mouth-watering!  I could not wait to try my first sip to see if that amazing smell would translate in the taste.  There is a slight translucency in the mug, it appears significantly lighter than Original.

The taste is sweet and silky.  Very smooth in the mouth and a pleasing lingering taste of sugary nuts.  The flavor was delicious without being over powering.

I would recommend this coffee to light- medium roast and flavored coffee drinkers.

Dark roast lovers, this is not the Kcup for you.

I can picture a bag of Eight O’clock coffee sitting in my grand mothers kitchen.  I love a company rich in heritage and full of tradition.  How about you, did you grow up with Eight O’clock coffee in your life?


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