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If you have been around awhile you have come to know (and hopefully love) our Monday K-cup®  coffee recipes.  I love fun, easy to make coffee drinks. They are a simple indulgence that can usually be made with ingredients already in your kitchen. There will be no running to the local coffee shop around here, no sir, we have Keurig’s in our kitchen that make these recipes easy peasy.

Up this week…cappuccino. 

This week we are revisiting an oldy but a goody thanks to a reader request and my craving for a delicious cappuccino! Of course this cappuccino will be made with my Keurig®  brewer and one new handy tool that I have come to love, my handheld milk frother. I am thrilled to have it but, to be honest, I don't mind using my blender. Yes, it is not exactly the same as a coffee house froth but, it is good enough for me. 



  • Start by heating the milk in the microwave or on the stovetop to desired temperature.
  • Meanwhile brew the Dark Magic K-cup®  coffee on the lowest water setting of your Keurig®  brewer into a very large mug.
  • Next, froth the warm milk in whichever manner you see fit, I use a simple handheld one like this (pretty sure I paid less than $5.00 for it).
  • Finally slowly pour the prepared milk into the large mug containing the Dark Magic coffee.
  • Top with cinnamon if desired, sip and enjoy!

how to make a cappuccino using a keurig brewer2

I have always been a latte girl but, recently cappuccinos have become my number one coffee-house treat. They are so simple to make but, pack a powerful, satisfying punch!

For a video instruction on how to make a cappuccino using a Keurig®  brewer click here. 


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