Staff Picks- Our Favorite Keurig K-cup Coffee

Posted on Thu, Jun 13, 2013

Think about the last book you read or movie you watched.  I am willing to bet that a friend or family member tipped you off. How many times have you been at a social event and been told about a great restaurant, with amazing food? The point is, word of mouth is a powerful tool in your decision-making process, how else would you narrow down the massive choices we have for entertainment or food in this land of plenty?

Think of Cross Country Cafe as your Kcup coffee friends and family : ) We are here to offer you our real life opinions and share our favorites.  You will hear from our president to our summer interns and everyone in between!

Lets give a warm welcome to:

Head Honcho #2 ~ Kevin S.

Cross Country Cafe Staff Picks

“My favorite Kcup is the Chocolate Glazed Donut. I have never been much of a coffee drinker but one day I was freezing and my associate said to try a Kcup. I couldn’t believe how good it was. I felt like I was missing the boat. Today I have converted from diet soda to all the different brands of delicious kcup coffee!”

Queen of Customer Service ~ Bridget K.
Cross Country Cafe- staff picks
(Bridget’s  photo may or may not have been altered)
“My favorite Kcup is Green Tea with Pomegranate brewed over ice. I love iced tea but I dont like to add sugar or artificial sweetner.  The Pomegranate flavor adds just the right amount of sweetness so that I dont have to add anything!  I get nothing but an all natural refreshing glass of healthy green tea!”


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