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extra bold keurig kcup coffee

There are a growing number of Keurig Kcups labeled “extra bold”. As a matter of fact our entire line of Tully’s Kcups are now extra bold in addition to our tried and true favorites such as Dark Magic and Newman’s Special Blend.  Extra bold Keurig Kcup coffees are growing in popularity and rapidly becoming best sellers.

But, what the heck does extra bold mean?

First, I will tell you what it does not mean.  It does not mean dark roast.  It does not mean burnt and bitter. This is a common misconception.  There are a variety of extra bold Kcup coffees available.  They range from light, medium and dark roasts. Included are Tully’s Breakfast Blend which is a light roast and our newest addition Tully’s Hawaiian Blend which is a medium roast.  Both very smooth, both lack any burnt or bitter taste.

Extra bold simply means more coffee.

Extra bold Keurig K-Cups contain slightly more coffee than regular Kcups resulting in a stronger brewed coffee.  I was curious as to exactly how much more coffee we are talking about so I conducted an experiment.  I.E.,  I ripped the lids off a regular and an extra bold Kcups, poured the coffee on the counter and took a picture.

extra bold kcup coffee


I was really surprised at the difference. There was  quite a bit more coffee in the extra bold Kcup! This explains why I like them so much… I love a “thick” cup of coffee- not necessarily dark or even super strong I just like a nice body to and extra bolds never disappoint.

My dream is that one day all Kcups will be available in both regular and extra bold to satisfy both ends of the spectrum Green Mountain if you are reading this , please place my request : )

Extra bold coffees are perfect for filling a large cup or a travel mug but, they are key to making a good cup of iced coffee. The extra coffee allows them to avoid tasting watered down by all of the ice.


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