Homemade Coffee Creamer Recipe

Posted on Mon, Mar 25, 2013

homemade coffee creamerThis week we have ventured away from a coffee recipe but, never fear we have a perfect pairing- homemade coffee creamer.

The possibilities of this recipe are endless. You can create any flavor your little heart desires.  I have made a decent size batch of the base recipe and add flavor as I go.  If I feel like vanilla today, great.  Hazelnut this afternoon? No problem. Chocolate tomorrow? You got it!

Here is the best part, the base recipe only requires 2 simple ingredients- equal parts sweetened condensed milk and whole milk.  Please feel free to substitute any type of milk you would like, however, whole milk definitely has the best results in my book.

To create different flavored creams, the sky is the limit. Use your own imagination and be creative with items that are already in your cupboard but, here are a few suggestions:

Chocolate Mint: cocoa powder and peppermint extract

Vanilla: vanilla bean paste or pure vanilla extract

Hazelnut: hazelnut extract

Chocolate Almond: cocoa powder and almond extract

Strudel: vanilla extract and cinnamon

Chocolate Raspberry: cocoa powder and raspberry extract

Maple Almond- maple syrup and almond extract

Mocha- cocoa powder and espresso powder

Chocolate Coconut Cake- cocoa powder and Torani Coconut Syrup

Chocolate Orange-cocoa powder and orange extract

Dulce de Leche- caramel syrup and vanilla extract

Amaretto- cinnamon and almond extract

Pumpkin Spice-pumpkin spice, vanilla extract and maple syrup

Honey Vanilla- honey and vanilla extract

Cappuccino- almond extract and orange extract

Maple Bacon- maple syrup and  Torani Bacon Syrup

I could go on and on!  The best part is, you can make any of these combinations in less time than it takes to run to the store and of course homemade is always more cost efficient.

I find that these creams pair nicely with Kcup coffees that have a little heavier body such as Lake and Lodge or Vermont Country Blend.  With these roasts you will get a nice complimentary flavor to the creams and avoid making you coffee too weak.  After all we do want a little coffee with our cream, right?!

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