Pay it Forward

Posted on Thu, Mar 07, 2013


I recently read a heart warming  article about a small coffee shop in Bluffton, S.C. that I just had to share.

At the Corner Perk Cafe random acts of kindness have become an everyday experience.  It all started in 2010 when one woman’s generosity changed this small coffee shop and those who frequent it forever.  


Josh Cooke, owner of the Corner Perk reports that a woman came in with a $100 bill and left it for him to pay for the coffee of the next 50 customers.  Stating that she simply wanted to brighten the day of the unexpected recipients.  The only thing she asked is that they pay it forward.  And that they did.

It has since become tradition to pay for the next customers coffee at the Corner Perk leaving some confused but, overjoyed.  Mr. Cooke recalls oneparticular customer that happened to forget her wallet, when he told her that her coffee was already paid for she broke down and said “I really needed that today, it gives me the strength and encouragement to go on”.

I LOOOOVVEEE stories like this. I tend to get hung up in the darkness of our society.  I need to know that there is still good in this world and clearly there is.

The Corner Perk has inspired me to consider paying it forward in small, simple ways. You never know who’s aching heart you may touch just when they needed it.

Have you ever experienced a pay it forward situation, either received or given?

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