Keurig K-cup Roaster Profile- Celestial Seasonings

Posted on Thu, Feb 28, 2013

Have you noticed to ever-growing number of roasters offering their coffee in a Kcup? Big names from Starbucks to Folgers, Dunkin Donuts to Caribou are jumping on the Keurig Kcup coffee train.  This is great for you the consumer but,  poses the question of which to choose.

This weeks Keurig Kcup coffee roaster is…Celestial Seasonings.

Celestial Seasonings Keurig Kcup tea


Celestial Seasonings is a true cinderella story.  Started in 1969 by a group that had a passion for health and a strong belief in their product.  The first ingredients were harvested and dried by hand to create unique, flavorful teas.  Since then the story has changed quite a bit. Celestial Seasonings is now one of the largest specialty tea manufacturers in the United States, sourcing their ingredients from over 35 countries.  They have gone from hand picking specialty ingredients to serving 1.6 billion cups of tea every single day!

Celestial Seasoning is well-known for their inventive flavors some of the most popular include; Sleepytime, Tension Tamer and Lemon Zinger, you name an issue they have a tea to help with all natural ingredients.

Passion and innovation caused Celestial Seasoning to be an over night success.  Almost 40 years later they have kept that pace with their launch of Celestial Shots, Cool Brews and of course Keurig Kcup teas.

Celestial Seasoning Keurig Kcup Teas



We are lucky enough to have access to quite a variety of Celestial Seasoning teas for Keurig Kcup brewers. The line up includes:

India Spice Chai (my absolute favorite Kcup tea!)

Mandarin Orange

Lemon Zinger

English Breakfast

Decaffeinated Green


Variety Pack (always a great option if you can’t decide!)

I am so happy to see more and more roasters and tea artisans noticing Keurig and the fact that consumers want quality, convenience and variety. Keurig delivers all three of those with an enthusiasm for revolution, we get to reap the benefits!