Posted on Fri, Jul 26, 2013

*Unfortunately since the writing of this article Donut Shop Sweet and Creamy Keurig K-cup coffee has been discontinued.*

Our hearts are broken but, don't can still enjoy and amazing iced coffee using your Keurig brewer. Simply brew a regular ol' Donut Shop K-cup on the lowest water setting over your brewer directly into a plastic tumbler filled  with ice (and a little sweeteneer if you would like). Add a splash of cream and viola a Donut Shop Sweet and Creamy shortcut!


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Donut Shop Sweet and Creamy Iced Keurig Kcup Coffee

Donut Shop Sweet and Creamy is a medium roast, brew over ice coffee brought to us by Coffee People (a subsidiary of Gloria Jeans).

Tell me this coffee is not intriguing?! Donut Shop is already a great roast but, now the creative geniuses at Coffee People have decided to toss in a little cream and sugar to make a ready to drink iced coffee with your Keurig? I think I have died and gone to heaven!

That’s right, the cream and sugar is already in that magical little cup.  My expectation was a similar taste to Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, lets see if I am right…

I brewed my Donut Shop Sweet and Creamy directly over ice on the lowest water setting of my Keurig.

Donut Shop Sweet and Creamy Iced coffee being brewed in Keurig


*Note: when brewing over ice you should use a plastic cup, I just happen to have a particularly thick glass that seems to work ok but, dont  risk it-use plastic!

You can see by the color that the cream is well-integrated into the coffee already. The brew cycle finished and I was sipping iced cold Sweet and Creamy coffee in under a minute- pretty darn cool!

I was dead on, the taste was very similar to Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, actually it tasted exactly like it.  The amount of cream was perfect for me but, I honestly could have done without the sugar.  I don’t generally add sugar to my coffee, warm or cold.  It was not overly done by any means I simply prefer unsweetened coffee and tea.

This Kcup coffee is FULL of flavor. It amazed me that so much rich coffee flavor, cream and sugar can come out of such a tiny package. I was dying to know what exactly was on the inside of the Kcup.  So a dissecting I go…

Inside Donut Shop Sweet and Creamy Iced Keurig Kcup

Nothin’ too exciting, I guess as creamy Kcup coffees go, this is exactly what you would expect to find on the inside!

The consistency of the coffee was a bit light for me, next time around I plan to use a little less ice to keep a darker body.

Donut Shop Sweet and Creamy Iced Keurig Kcup coffee in cup

All in all this is really a delicious treat and with only 80 calories, it is guilt free!

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