Solved: Keurig® Not Making a Full Cup

Posted on Thu, Feb 27, 2014


It's 6 am; you have had a solid 5 hours of sleep, you NEED coffee now. You think to yourself; everything is going to be ok. My mug will soon be filled with a steaming hot cup of joe. You choose your favorite K-Cup® pod and push brew. But then, you hear sputtering, a little bit of coffee comes out then nothing.

My Keurig® Only Brews a Small Amount

This is the number one complaint we hear when it comes to Keurig® coffee maker performance. We get how frustrating it can be. In this article, we will teach you how to fix this issue and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Why Does My Keurig not Brew a Full Cup?

If your Keurig® is not brewing full cup it may be caused by one of the following:

  • The exit needle is clogged by coffee grounds, tea, or cocoa mix. Run a water-only cleaning cycle to free up any stuck particles. To prevent this from happening in the future make it a habit to run a water-only brew after all tea and cocoa pods.
  • Your machine needs to be descaled. Your brewer should be descaled every 3-6 months using this Keurig® descaling solution or distilled white vinegar. To reduce the build-up of scale in your brewer be sure to use filtered water (never tap or distilled). 
  • The water reservoir was removed during the brewing process. Place the water reservoir back onto the machine. Then perform a cleansing water-only brew without a K-cup® pod.
  • You may have a faulty brew basket. If your brewer is less than a year old, call Keurig® and they will send you a new one for free. Your coffee machine comes with a one-year warranty. You should take advantage of that coverage if any problems arise. Don’t worry, you don’t need your receipt, just the serial number on the unit.


Those are the “on the record” instructions. Off the record, hit the brewer. Air bubbles sometimes get trapped in the tubing and prevent the coffee from exiting.  A little jiggle will move the air along and allow the brewing process to resume. 

Have you had this issue before? Leave a comment telling us what worked for you. If we can prevent one person from having to face a dreaded coffee-less morning, then our job here is done.


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