My Keurig® is Brewing a Half Cup - Now What?

Posted on Thu, Feb 27, 2014

woamn crawling to coffee editedIt's 6 am; you have had a solid 5 hours of sleep, you NEED coffee now. You think to yourself; everything is going to be ok, my Keurig® brewer will have a steaming hot cup of joe in my mug in a mere 60 seconds. You choose your favorite roast, pop ‘er in and…you hear sputtering, a little bit of coffee comes out then, nothing.

This is probably the number one complaint I have heard when it comes to Keurig® coffee maker performance and believe me; I get it. But, with a little bit of know how in most situations you can fix this issue.

If your Keurig® makes a short cup it may be caused by one of the following:

  • The exit needle is clogged by coffee grounds, tea or cocoa mix. Run a water only cleansing cycle to free up any stuck particles.

  • It may be time to perform a descaling. Your brewer should be descaled every 3-6 months using this Keurig® descaling solution.

  • The water reservoir was removed during the brew process. Place the water reservoir back onto the brewer and perform a cleansing water only brew without a K-cup® pod.
  • You may have a faulty brew basket (this actually happened to me). If your brewer is less than a year old, call Keurig® and they will send you a brand spanking new one for free. If your unit is out if warranty, call us of course!

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Those are the “on the record” instructions.

Off the record, hit the brewer. Yep, pretend you are the Fonz and give it a little tap on the side. Air can get trapped in the tubing and prevent the coffee from exiting.  A little jiggle will move the air along and back to a brewin’ you will go!

I hope this helps! If I can help prevent one person from having to face a dreaded coffee less morning, then my job here is done.

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