11 Ways to Re-use Your Keurig K-cups

Posted on Mon, Dec 31, 2012

As you know from my previous post I have been on a mission to re-use my coffee grinds,  I am happy to report, that was a very successful mission.  For weeks I have been saving my used coffee grounds and re-purposing them.  I have since moved on to include re-using the Kcup itself.  Last week I shared with you 14 Christmas Crafts Made From Keurig Kcups.  This week I have 11 more ways to re-use your Kcups including my favorites… seed starters and a bug observatory!

1- Seed starters

Thank you San Diego Urban Organic Garden!

2- Use to sort screws or beads


3- A pin cushion

Thank you Entirely Smitten!

4- A gift bow

Thank you Crafts Re-Designed!

5- Kcup sound memory game

Thank you Entirely Smitten!

6-A hanging planter

Keurig Kcup hanging planter

Thank you Earth 911!

7-A centerpiece planter


8- A Kcup bug observatory


9- A stamper set

Thank you Entirely Smitten!

10- A trinket box

Thank you (again) Entirely Smitten!

I am dying to make the bug observatory, except it is 30 degrees here and there is a layer of snow on the ground… not a lot of bugs to observe! First thing this spring : )

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