Posted on Mon, Dec 24, 2012

Upcycle your Keurig Kcups

As you know from my previous post I have been on a mission to re-use my coffee grinds,  I am happy to report, that was a very successful mission.  For weeks I have been saving my used coffee grounds and re-purposing them.  My favorite use has been for mulling spices.  I have been thoroughly enjoying the aroma of cinnamon, citrus and coffee simmering on my stove everyday.  The best part is,  it is made from up-cycled items that normally would have landed in the trash.

This has had me thinking lately,  can I go further with my mission?  Can I include the Kcup itself and the box in my up-cycling agenda?  Pinterest here I come.  I was pleasantly surprised to find many different ways to re-purpose both the Kcup and the box!

This week I present to you 13 Christmas crafts made from Keurig Kcups.

I chose crafts that you can do easily with your children to give you a little something to do over Christmas break : )

1-Kcup Snowmen

Keurig Kcup Snowman

Thank you Craft Stylish!

2-Edible candy Santa suits

Keurig Kcup edible Santa suit

Thank you Edible Happenings!

3-Keurig Kcup wreath ornament

Keurig Kcup wreath ornament

Thank you Crafts Re-Designed!


5-Plastic confetti

Kcup plastic confetti

Thank you Crafts Re-Designed!

6-Holiday angels

Angels made from Keurig Kcups

Thank you First Palette!

8-Snowman ornament

Kcup snowman ornament

Thank you Make it Easy Crafts!

9-Kcup door decoration

Keurig Kcup homemade door wreath

Thank you Craft Stylish!

10-Drum ornament

Kcup repurposed into a drum

Thank you Craft Stylish!

12-Kcup figurines for tree, manger or even just for play!

Kcup crafts

Thank you Diary of a Sower!

How fun are those ideas?! Have a little fun, get more bang for your buck and reduce your waste… who could ask for more? There is very little cost associated with these projects- just a few used K-cups (free), paints and a glue gun.

I will have several more for you next week including my favorite… seed starters!

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