Last Minute Gift Idea- Homemade Keurig K-cup Variety Packs

Posted on Thu, Dec 20, 2012

We are getting down to the wire,  time is running out quickly but,  don’t panic  Cross Country Cafe is here to help!

This morning I realized that any day now my neighbors would be stopping by with homemade cookies as they do every year at this time.  I always have my goodies waiting for them as well,   I love gifting my white chocolate party mix that my friends and I  have made for years and affectionately named “White Trash”.  We share it every year and everyone LOVES it (I will post the recipe at the end of this article)! Unfortunately, I have had no time yet to bake or whip up our Christmas specialty.  Plan B… Kcup coffee and tea variety packs.

After looking around the house to find something to put the Kcups in,  I felt deflated… this is what I found:

Keurig Kcup coffee gift bags

Boring, yawn, snore.  I wanted something a little more personal.  Since I have been on a homemade kick,  I decided to get creative.

I started with these items:

Homemade Keurig Kcup gift bag

And turned it into this:

Keurig Kcup gift bag finished

Cute huh?  So simple and much more personal!  The neighbor is a huge chocolate freak so I filled it with Donut Shop Collection Chocolate Glazed DonutGloria Jeans MudslideMocha Nut Fudge and of course Hot Cocoa.

Now for neighbor number two.  She happens to be a huge tea drinker and I happen to have a beautiful collection of vintage tea cups and linens that she admires quite often. I chose one that she particularly loves,  her favorite tea and my best linens napkin:

Keurig Kcup tea gift idea

I wrapped a few Camomile Keurig Kcup tea packs in the napkin and placed them inside the tea cup.

Keurig Kcup Camomile tea gift

Beautiful isn’t it?

I cant wait to surprise my neighbors, it truly is the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving, although it took me no time at all to put these together,  I sure did put a lot of thought into them.

Homemade Keurig Kcup coffee variety packs make great gifts and you can spread them pretty far.  My tea gift for example only had 3 Kcups in it.  After all it is quality not quantity! This idea is also perfect for last minute gifts,  no time to run to the store?  That’s ok just run to your cupboard!

I found a few more ideas for packaging a homemade Keurig Kcup variety pack that I thought I would share and hopefully inspire you!

kcup gift box

Keurig Kcup gift idea

Keurig Kcup gift box

The ideas are endless,  be creative, look around the house and of course make them personal and thoughtful : )

Try this recipe,  you will love it:

White Trash Party Mix

You will need:

1 box Cheerios

1 box Corn Chex

1 bag pretzel sticks

1-2 bags of plain or peanut M and M’s

2- bags white chocolate chips

Combine all (except for the white chocolate chips)  in a HUGE bowl and stir gently.  Melt the white chocolate in the microwave or on the stovetop.  Pour 1/4 over the mixture, stir to coat and repeat 4 times until you have used all of the chocolate and everything is coated evenly.  You can either leave it in the bowl the dry or lay it out on wax paper on the counter.  I usually just leave it in the bowl.

This is a massive batch of White Trash,  if you do not have a large enough bowl to fit it all you can always cut it in half or lay it out on a wax paper covered table or counter to coat.

*WARNING* This is extremely, extremely addicting.  If you are counting calories,  do not make this recipe,  you will not be able to resist it!

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